Who is Lisa .....?

I'm not a bloggess goddess, or CEO to a self empowerment magazine.
I have no plans for world domination, just hoping to find a little corner of peacefulness to spend my days.

The Man I Married has been by my side for 22 years now. Anything that lasts 22 years is worth celebrating, and also acknowledging that keeping that afloat takes more than an occasional bunch of flowers and romantic background music. All I can say is it has been a combination of hard work and sheer stubbornness, plus the understanding that only one of us gets to be bonkers on any given day.

I'm Mumma to 4 kids, 3 of them teenagers and one tween racing along behind. I will be honest and tell you that this parenting gig is definitely not for the fainthearted, but the rewards are as enormous as the obstacles.
We have one son, now 20 and ready to fly, and three girls who must never leave home or fall in love lest they break their Daddy's heart!

I'm a nurse, usually on night shift, and during the day I spend my time with two poodley puppies who think they are my babies.

I have faced depression, and pregnancy loss, walked hand in hand with Aspergers syndrome, and am raising my kids to be decent people.
I am most definitely not getting it right all the time, but I'm giving it my best.

There seems to be an empty space in the blogging world, for parents whose kids are no longer in nappies. I'm here to tell you, the nappy years ( diapers for my US comrades) are a blink of the eye in your parenting journey. So much happens after you potty train.

So here I am, telling my truth. Blogging about life beyond the nappy. Life even beyond primary school.

It goes on. xxx


  1. Hi, Lisa, a comment you left on ladyblogger really touched home with me so thought I'd check you out and glad I did. I'm only four and half years into this parenting gig so love meeting parents past the nappie/diaper stage. Going to follow you and be a real reader.Nice to "meet" you.

  2. Hi LIsa, I found you during a search for "nutty buttery fruitcake" and your Mum's Christmas cake. I printed that recipe and can't wait to try it - also bounced around a few more of your posts and have bookmarked your page; I'll be a regular reader :-) Penny in Virginia I also believe raising kids is worth everything it takes.


Your comments are welcome, please be kind and respectful. We all have different views of the world, sharing your view with gentle words is appreciated.xxx Lisa