Changing the Name

After 3 years writing at my blog under the banner of Simple Loving Thoughts it is time for a spring clean. The reality is life is rarely simple, and at times it is less than loving. Wife-ing and parenting, living and learning is messy work. 

I needed a new name. 

A new direction.


Why buttons?

Well, because I made them. Thousands of them. Little hand painted timber creations for crafting.
But also because a button is what holds everything together. A pair of pants, or jeans,  a jumper or jacket. A business shirt or a sports skirt. A wallet. Holding it all together.
Which is kinda cool when you think of what it can do but is also an enormous responsibility on one little button.
So here I sit. A button amongst her buttons. Holding it together. One of millions, decorative, but also with a huge responsibility.
I am raising my kids. I don’t always get it it right. But I do my best. I am a wife, also trying my best at that but often missing the bullseye. 
I have no wise answers, just honesty.
And now, a safe place to speak my mind


  1. oh I love this! I never realised what an amazing thing a button is. This is a lovely name. xx


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