Saturday, November 23, 2013

The end of the Buttons

In a previous life I was a crafty designer, designing and handpainting over 600 button designs for crafting - quilting, stitching and scrapbooking. I adored it, and it gave me a little bit of pin money while I stayed at home with my littlest girl.

I have a huge laser machine ( and may or may not be responsible for sending Fiona from Imogen's Angels into a Laser Love Affair) . I taught myself a complicated Art Program and had the very best fun making all sorts of crazy and wonderful things.

I have designed everything from cats and dogs, snails and frogs, to castles, angels, quilt barns and daisies. 

Over the past few weeks I have come to the end of my crafty designing road. My laser machine has cut it's last button.
I am eager for button free cupboards, for less mess, for space.
As I clear out the boxes ( adding the buttons to my website) I struggle to remember making them all, but there are soooo many. They are oozing out of the top of the wardrobes, and from under the beds. My linen cupboard has no linen in it, just patterns and boxes full of buttons and plastic bags. 

As with all things the desire to hang on because it's safe, and because it has, at one time, defined me, is strong, and yet I am quietly confident that this is the right choice, and the right time. 

If you are a crafter of any sort pop on over to and have a little look. 

New Adventures are waiting, not to mention some precious cupboard space xxx

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  1. I was just over having a look at your site. OMG, they are just amazing. I dying to see what else you have tucked away in there. You most certainly are a woman of many talents.

  2. Such fun, such memories, thanks for having me along! RIP Button Bliss!

  3. What a wonderful weekend.You had me at "Baileys" and then I saw all the other goodies - both edible & artsy. So glad you enjoyed yourself.

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