Friday, October 19, 2012

New beginnings

Hello everyone !!!

We arrived back on Aussie soil on Saturday after a truly blissful week away from reality. The kids were fine and Nanna and Pop did an awesome job keeping the home fires burning without burning the home down !!! Our welcome home was gorgeous, although I am going to be honest and say the HAPPIEST to see us was the two dogs, they were over the top, back flipping, hooley dooley, don't ever leave us again, yippy-yappy excited!

Since arriving home life has taken on a craziness that is great in a stressful "OMG what was I thinking" kind of way. I have finally commenced nursing in an acute ward, and have had my first three shifts this week - 1st on Monday, then Tuesday Overnight and again yesterday afternoon. Finally I am using those skills I have worked so hard to learn...  I am also experiencing brand new situations and thinking "ARRGGGHHHH what do I do???" The whole shift is like being on an adrenaline rush of hyperalertness, coupled with absolute certainty that I have forgotton something crucial.
I love the challenge even though I am also terrified by it, I am told the worry will ease as I gain experience. In the meantime, each shift leaves me exhausted as I try to rearrange my brain into some kind of normal thinking pattern.
Luckily the house is very, very quiet while the kids are at school so I can just BE in my own thoughts.

However, something new is brewing on the horizon and I am a wee bit excited... next week is my J-man's very last week at school. If you've been reading this blog for a while you will know that his schooling has been Bloody. Hard. Work. (If you're new here, read this for a little background).

From very early on I have said to each teacher "If we can just get him to the end of Year 12 and he still likes himself I'll be happy"... And as I type this with actual tears on my cheeks, I am realising that we have achieved exactly that.
The end is merely days away, and he has grown into a gorgeous, self assured, kind, giving adult who likes himself and doesn't feel the need to change to suit anyone else. He doesn't apologise for his quirkiness, he is aware of it but just assumes that others will accept him and go with it.. and mostly they do! He has friends around the world on his XBox live (best thing he has ever had access to .BEST thing ever!) He has solid friends here in our town. He has a set of core values that he sticks to unwaveringly and he assumes the best of every person until proven otherwise.

I have no idea what the future holds for him, whether the career path will eventuate. I don't know when, if or how he will form romantic relationships, build friendships with others, earn money or live fully independantly.

I do know he likes himself. I know he is a good person. I know you couldn't get a more loyal friend than him. I know he doesn't play mind games or offer anything he hasn't got. He's straight down the line & honest to a fault.

We got to the end of Year 12 and he still likes himself. I am happy

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Post - My Perfect Holiday

While I am away with The Man I Married enjoying the most divinely relaxing holiday ever,
Lovely Caroline from Present Imperfection has so generously offered to guest-blog for me......

My Perfect Holiday
If you asked most parents what their idea of a perfect holiday would be, it would probably feature a beach, a pool and plenty of kids clubs, or perhaps a child-free break in a luxurious hotel.
When you have a child with Asperger’s kids clubs aren’t really an option. Generally the staff are young and probably don’t have much experience with a child with special needs. Boy Wonder sometimes finds new environments stressful, so we have avoided them.
The best holidays for Boy Wonder have been camping or renting the same beach house in Whitstable, Kent which the boys loved so much they thought it was theirs! Familiar surroundings mean fewer melt downs as BW knows what to expect.

Now we have moved to Australia the perfect holiday means adventure. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing wonder in the boys’ eyes when they are exposed to a new and exciting experience.
Swimming with the whale sharks in Western Australia is high on my ‘to do’ list. Both the boys were born in water and have always loved swimming and the sea. From a young age Boy Wonder has had a fascination for sea creatures, specifically, whales and sharks.  So this would be perfect.
I have no idea whether they would freak out totally and hate me forever, but either way it would be an unforgettable experience!
There will be plenty of time to enjoy beaches and cocktails with my husband, but it’s the idea of adventurous holidays with my boys that fill me with excitement now.

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?

Caroline's bio :
Hi I am Caroline (@mrsceeeceee on twitter). I am pom on an adventure in Melbourne. I love it here, but it is very far. I am here with The Saint, the love of my life and my two boys. Boy Wonder is 11 and has Asperger's Syndrome. Cheeky Monkey is 8 and very cheeky. Together we are muddling through the challenges of being expats and having a unique person in our family. Read my blog

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leaving my life behind

In my wild imagination I am a party animal but the truth is any kind of party is enough to have me crippled with insecurities about my self worth, my acceptance within my social group and my ability to 'fit in' without making a complete dill of myself .

So way back in June when I celebrated my 40th birthday, it was in very low key fashion. A nice meal out with family, minimal fuss. Breathing room. 

The Man I Married celebrated his 40th last year with a fairly impressive party so as mine rolled around I'm quite sure he was scrambling to find a way to celebrate with me, to find a present and to let me know that even though we are polar opposites in almost every way, he still is my steady, my constant and my sure thing.
So he booked a holiday.
For just him and I. 
To Phuket.
For seven days.

Seven days without any responsibilities of 4 kids, of housekeeping, of nursing. Seven days of not having to cook, of staying in a gorgeous resort and being treated like a princess. Seven days of just him and I.. it's been so long since we could just BE with each other.

Oh! Spot on my man. Perfectly chosen.

My parents are coming to stay and hold down the fort. The pantry cupboard is full, instructions for "which child goes where" written, and teens have been pinned down to a "For this week whatever Nanna and Pop say goes" agreement.
Our passports are pristine clean and craving their first smudgy stamp. Currency has been converted, immunisation shots given. Emails notifying everyone that we are taking leave of our senses for week are ready to send. Our bags are packed (lightly because TMIM has plans for purchasing every single bargain at the Phuket night market)

Tomorrow night we fly out.

I may or may not pop in and update... but don't hold your breath guys... there's just so much nothing I have to do while we are away.

Want a little teaser? -
check it out 

The Marriott - Phuket