Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leaving my life behind

In my wild imagination I am a party animal but the truth is any kind of party is enough to have me crippled with insecurities about my self worth, my acceptance within my social group and my ability to 'fit in' without making a complete dill of myself .

So way back in June when I celebrated my 40th birthday, it was in very low key fashion. A nice meal out with family, minimal fuss. Breathing room. 

The Man I Married celebrated his 40th last year with a fairly impressive party so as mine rolled around I'm quite sure he was scrambling to find a way to celebrate with me, to find a present and to let me know that even though we are polar opposites in almost every way, he still is my steady, my constant and my sure thing.
So he booked a holiday.
For just him and I. 
To Phuket.
For seven days.

Seven days without any responsibilities of 4 kids, of housekeeping, of nursing. Seven days of not having to cook, of staying in a gorgeous resort and being treated like a princess. Seven days of just him and I.. it's been so long since we could just BE with each other.

Oh! Spot on my man. Perfectly chosen.

My parents are coming to stay and hold down the fort. The pantry cupboard is full, instructions for "which child goes where" written, and teens have been pinned down to a "For this week whatever Nanna and Pop say goes" agreement.
Our passports are pristine clean and craving their first smudgy stamp. Currency has been converted, immunisation shots given. Emails notifying everyone that we are taking leave of our senses for week are ready to send. Our bags are packed (lightly because TMIM has plans for purchasing every single bargain at the Phuket night market)

Tomorrow night we fly out.

I may or may not pop in and update... but don't hold your breath guys... there's just so much nothing I have to do while we are away.

Want a little teaser? -
check it out 

The Marriott - Phuket



  1. Have a brilliant, amazing, awesome, stupendous, do-nothing time!!

    1. thankyou.. I'm very spoilt, buit also think that we, together have earnt this time together. I'm starting to get a little nervous....

  2. What a great present you got for your birthday. Enjoy!

    1. thankyou!~ and you'll understand if I don't get to the award before next week?
      Am planning to just relax and chill, remember the us we were before we were Ussssss,

  3. Will follow instructions! More worried about the 4 legged ones being left behind than the kids! Enjoy and don't worry! We'll be fine! xxxx

    1. I know you will! Wouldn't leave my babies with anyone else. Good luck, the 4 legged furry ones need way more assistaance and reassurance than non-hairy 2 legged.
      Thankyou so much for giving us this week xxxx
      You are always and ever my safe place x

  4. What a beautiful gift your hubby has given you.Time to be just the two of you together.
    I wish you both a wonderful holiday and hope it is everything you need it to be.xx


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