Thursday, December 6, 2012

inner voices

Do you listen to your inner voice?
Yesterday one of my favorite facebook pages  had this awesome image in its timeline.

and it got me thinking.
I don't think we listen to ourselves enough.

It seems like every other person on the planet knows better than us, in parenting, in work/life balance, in how to eat properly, exercise right, in how to educate our children, in how to be successful in business and relationships.. in everything. There are 3000 self-help books for every category listed about and another 7000+ e-books if the paper version isn't enough.

Lately there has been 'stuff' in my world and even though my inner voice was telling me to be wary, everyone around me was telling me otherwise. Telling me I was overly cautious, paranoid, looking for excuses...
and then my inner voice was proven true.

Why can't we raise our babies, have relationships and go through menopause without three bookshelves full of Positive parenting, Positive relationships, Embracing the 'new' you and Welcome to womanhood hardcovers written by people with NO MORE QUALIFICATIONS than you or me?
I'm all for asking questions and sharing stories but it would be nice if the entire publishing world wasn't heart-set on convincing us that we are all useless blithering idiots without a clue unless we have volumes 1-8 of 'How to parent your 21st century child'

It's time, my lovely readers that we stop reading other peoples opinions, and we start listening to our own. Parenting by our own compass, building our relationships without the help of Dr Phil (not dissing Phil, I'm sure he's a nice man but he is not my husband nor am I his wife so what works in his house is not relevant in mine).
It's time to stop trying to win friends and influence people through a series of standard steps and actually being discerning about who we make friends with. I don't want to be friends with someone who only wants me as another notch on their "facebook follower" belt.

I am wondering how we can teach our kids to trust their inner voice if we don't trust our own?

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