Friday, July 10, 2015

Button Brain is Back

Well hello there!

After almost a year of sitting back and smelling the roses ( or to be more accurate, doing the hard yards at work, in mothering and wife-ing) I have discovered that I miss my little blog, and the bloggy world, very much.

I miss writing, I miss interacting and I miss knowing and acknowledging that my mess is the same messy mess as everybody else. It might be a different shape or colour, but either way we are all a red-hot mess in some private way.

I miss having a hilarious moment and having somewhere to record it. I miss the virtual high fives and the encouragement when things have gone well. I miss those moments when I talk about something personal and someone else replies "I've been there too."

My community, my support base has been less without blogging. I did not realise how much my sense of belonging came from a bunch of people who have most likely never met me in real life, but who were cheering me on, wanting the best for me and sharing the laughs and tears along the way.

So I'm reopening the blog-space that is Button Brain. A couple of posts have been removed as their content is perhaps no longer my story to tell. Everything else remains. The good, the bad and the in-between. There are posts from my early blog days that are clumsy, before I knew about the "rules". If you stumble across them, be gentle. I did my best. I wrote from my heart.

In my house:

The Button Brain household is still running along at a steady pace. The kids are still all here, under our roof, eating all my food and making me wondering if I need to build a basement for them to move into when they turn 40.

The Man I Married is still the Man I am Married to ! Phew, another year, more bridges built, more rivers crossed and more lessons learned. We are forgiving souls, even though deeply flawed, and we are a work in progress. I suspect this will always be the case.

I am a night shift  nurse, working in acute general nursing and paediatrics. I love my job. I can find the funny side of most situations and for the saddest times, I feel honoured to be there when I'm needed.

Life is good. I am looking forward to once again sharing it with you.


  1. I'm glad that you are back to blogging, I have been is a dark place myself for the last while and wonder some days how Life still goes on around me, but I think I am coming out of the tunnel now and the light that I can see is not the on coming train but sunlight. xo

  2. I started blogging years ago, when I was going through a REALLY rough patch. I stopped for a while, but missed the outlet - the anonymous ranting, venting and whining, with no need to face anyone who felt the need to judge me was a big part of my learning to cope with PTSD (which rewired me emotionally).

    I just arrived here, and hope to see many more posts :)


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