Friday, October 14, 2011

Swish like a fish

Our family has spread out and it takes planning and pinning down to get us all in the same location at the same time. Last weekend was our first totally planned Wilson Family Get-together, With Me and the Man I married and our four kids, Brother and Wife, their 3 kids and there new daughter-in-law, and my Sister, hubby and their 4 kids, Plus Mum and Dad Wilson - That's 20 people.
My sister in law did an awesome job organising accommodation, meals, activities etc ( she is a Primary School teacher and I think school excursion planning has prepared her well), we all arrived, ate, played, slept and ate more. It was lovely to see all the teens hanging out together, they all tolerated and indulged our 7 yr old late addition and she responded by falling madly in love with the young bride and groom.

So, part of the plan for the weekend was to do an early Kris Kringle style present swap game. Each person brought a wrapped $5 present, to be placed on the table, and we all drew numbers. No.1 choses and unwraps a present. No2. can then chose to steal No1's present or open a new present. No3. can steal from either 1 or 2 or a new present.... make sense??  If your present gets stolen, you can steal from someone else or unwrap a new present.

Anyway I decided it would be funny to have a little goldfish as a present.
Goldfish don't do well in our house. The longest one has lasted was about two weeks. But the other households have fish and enjoy them, so I thought "Why Not, they will love it?" ... Here's Why Not...

Son and I went to the pet store to purchase a fish. I explained to the pet-shop-lady how I'm not very good with fish and she assured me I could not hurt it in a 24 hour period.
We chose a very nice fish, all goldy and swishy and happy. Pet-shop-lady gave us lots of water so he could travel happily. Off we went.
Back in the car I realised I needed to run into the nearby dollar store for Christmas wrapping paper. I put the fish on the seat, went into the shop and returned to the car.
I unlocked the car and sat down.


I sat on the fish.

Yes I did.

I jumped up and looked in the now deflated bag... no fish!
I looked in the now soggy footwell of the fish!
I opened my car door, and there he lays gasping and flapping on the bitumen.
Poor little nemo fella! I scooped him up and put him in the inch of water still in the bag.

We went back to the pet store, me ashamed, head hanging low and clutching a sad little droopy plastic bag.

The poor pet-shop-lady really was a bit stunned . She said "You can't have killed him yet, you only left 10  minutes ago".
I admitted that while the fish was still alive (just) he was possibly a little bruised, and possibly quite angry and traumatised.

We got a new fish.
I was not allowed to carry it.


  1. LMAO. I've tried to sit on the dog, but he bites before my weight shifts. Funny post.

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