Saturday, January 14, 2012

what do I stand for ???

This week for the 52 Weeks To Simplify Your Life Challenge, I'm supposed to figure out my core values. What I stand for. 
When I first read this challenge I thought "Easy Peasy, I know who I am". But to narrow it down to five or six core values is actually ....Bloody Hard Work. 

Deb has given us a list to start the ball rolling .....

Look at all those words. Some of them are 'no-brainers' to me, but others...

Reliable. Well I like it, but I'm not very good at actually being it. 
I would like to be more disciplined, but I'm hopelessly distractable and ditzy. I have a wicked sense of humour but not everyone gets my jokes.
Do I stand for contentment or adventure ( both depending on the situation and the risk factor)?
Can I stand for being reliable and also self-reliance? 
I know I value friendliness, but I also crave my own space and alone time.
Inventiveness? I am a huge fan of the men who invented electricity, central heating and dishwashers, but do I value it? I wouldn't like to be without it.... 
I'm not vain and can't stand women who preen and polish themselves, but I can value the beauty of the ocean, or a rainforest. Do I value 'beauty' then? Can I add a sub-clause? 
The urge to over-complicate the Simplify Your Life challenge rears its head again. 

Why is this so hard...?


  1. That's probably the reason I don't do things like this - it is always so difficult when they do the airy fairy stuff !

    Good luck - have a great weekend and don't spend too long worrying about the words or procrastinator might be one you would need to choose.

    Love, hugs and positive energy

    1. Hahaa I am a master procrastinator!!
      Thanks for your comments, I guess I am really trying to get the most out of this challenge and so I want to get the foundation right. Trouble is I want ALL the values as my core values.. I'm a bit greedy that way. xxx

  2. Hi Lisa, I found this week's challenge difficult too. I wasn't sure if it was a value I have or one I want. I really like the way you approached the challenge. I suppose it wouldn't be called a challenge if it was easy. Oh well. I completed mine - and what I found it really did help me and I've now got a better of idea of a few tings I'd like to change or should say I'd like to concentrate on. so yes it has helped to simplify my life - even if it was hard. As always I enjoy reading your posts. have a great week. :)

    1. Thankyou Rita.. am going to get to the bottom of it today. I will! I really enjoyed your post on this, you are obviously a methodical thinker... I Think I'm struggling because I don't want to leave important ones out.. and I also think I'm overthinking it all!
      Thanks for your support
      xx Lisa


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