Monday, January 9, 2012

Reasons I haven't blogged

Yes I know. It's been ages, ages, aaagggggggeeeeessss since I blogged. There are excuses reasons for the break in the conversation.

1. I've been busy with end of year/start of year Christmas and holiday celebrations. We might as well have installed a revolving door at our house. It would have also been helpful to have self changing beds.

2. The computer wasn't playing nicely, so then I switched back to my old computer but I remembered that I'd wiped all my passwords so I had to start over and re-remember everything for everything, from twitter and facebook to my password for Internet banking. Not good.

3. I haven't had anything to say. Well that isn't technically true, I had things to say, boring mundane things about the cleaning and cooking required and how hot it's been, but actually not anything that would make you feel like you hadn't just wasted your time reading it.

4. I had too much to say. You know when you hit a junction in the road and you make your choices and start walking but the decisions and choices are too uncertain or monumental or painful to even think about writing about them. All is fine. All is well. I am ok. I just had choices to make, and I made them.


  1. Good to see you back - have a great day !

  2. I hear you on #1, #2 is my worst nightmare - i forget passwords and logins all the time, #3 that's what twitter is for! and #4 making decisions is great - takes a lot of strength at times. Looking forward to more posts coming up - and OMG it is sooo hot today!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  3. Good to see you back LIsa. Weather here is cool today.

  4. Thanks girls... sometimes you need to take a break and reassess. I'm happy with where I'm at, it's all good!


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