Friday, March 16, 2012

The first grey hair

Yesterday I blogged about having a rare moment of grownup-ness, and it seems the universe read that entry. It has decided I am in need of a streamlined journey into maturity.
Today I found my first grey hair.
No big deal you think??
Well, no except it WASN'T ON MY HEAD.
Nope, my first grey is in the other place.. oh yes....... down there! What the ????
Is this a joke? It's certainly not in the "Girlz Stuff" handbook, nor in the thousand 'self help, aging gracefully and taking control of the awesome person you are' guru books on my book shelf. Oprah never did a show on it, and Dr Phil didn't mention it. It's one of those nasty little secrets that no-one tells you.
I am studying nursing, I have washed and dressed plenty of aging and aged butts, but never ever in all my thought processes did I consider that when you go grey you GO GREY!

I suspect you're not supposed to use hair dye down there are you?

What a very weird week.

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  1. LOL at this because I found a grey hair there as well. I have had one or two on my head which seemed to disappear as quickly as they appeared but the other night I found that one that doesn't seem to be disappearing - you are not alone !!!

    Have a great weekend !


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