Monday, March 5, 2012

Vent post - stop whining

Advance warning - don't read if you are looking for warm fuzzy feelings and a pat on the back.

Hey! girl I know... stop whinging!!!!! You sit here at lunch time telling me that you are about to lose your house, yet you can afford to smoke, to drink, to buy your lunch. Your two toddler kids have every video game and DVD ever created and it is nothing for them to eat a whole block of cheese in one day. You tell us that you are living on the poverty line, but you are eating expensive takeout. The rego on the 3 cars in your garage is killing you and you just don't know how you will pay for the kids karate lesson this week.
Here is the news flash princess. If you want to have more money in your bank account try GOING WITHOUT!!!
Try giving up smoking, try actually saying "no" to your kids. Grab a Toddler care book and read up on the nutritional requirements for their age and then stop over-feeding & over-indulging them. Don't tell me they just help themselves, BE A PARENT and actually watch and discipline them!

Another idea- don't take them to karate, the little horrors already know how to kick the crap out of each other and their possessions, have a look at the piles of broken abandoned toys on the yard. Yes I understand that dog food is a killer, but you are the dumbarse who decided to own 3 enormous staffies, so either feed them or re-house them. And while you are at it, it would be a nice touch if you actually registered and micro-chipped know.. like the rest of us do!

It's a tragedy that you had to get a new television because Mr4 punched the old one and knocked it off the stand. But I'm pretty sure that you didn't have to buy a 3D monster TV with computer access. Big suprise, you put it on your store credit card, because once again your eyes and your ego is bigger than your bank account or your brains.

We've all struggled, we've all had bills, heck I used to whip the margarine to make it go further.. stop whining, take some responsibility and step up!!!

Bring your lunch, don't buy it. Give the kids an apple and tell them "that is all". Have baked beans on toast. Sell a car. Sell two cars. Get a JOB!

Just stop whinging.



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