Wednesday, April 10, 2013

challenging herself

She stands in line, so patiently, for so long she starts to think it isn't worth it.
She watches as others fail, fall off halfway, slide into the chilly depths.
She starts to shake and bounce and fairly vibrate with the need to know if she has what it takes to make the distance.

  the line up

 waiting for the lifeguard to say "go"

 through the rabbit hole

between the soldiers

around the... ??? what the heck is that?

around the 'thing' and more soldiers while being sprayed down

finally the end is in sight

up the slippery slope then... 

down the slippery dip

swimming back to the starting line...

"repeat as necessary"

happy school holidays 



  1. Yay! She did it! Looks like fun :)

    1. Yes she did!.. she came to me and said "I had three all-the-ways and two nearly-all-the-ways".(As if I hadn't been watching her every time !!!) She did great !

  2. Wow - there's a whole fantastic page for her album when she is 40!!! Oh, what a feeling!!!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Do they have an adult's run?

  4. How awesome! Well done little Miss!

    I want one of them at our pool for ME to play on! lol

    MC xxx


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