Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Ladybird Wings

She knew she had only two days to make this work.
Two days to spark a chance encounter. 
Two days to lead the conversation down a path not easily travelled.
Two days to grow a friendship.
That is a lot of work for one little Angel Ladybird Princess.

Sweet Imogen made sure that her Mummy and I sat next to each other at the Digital Parents Conference. She whispered in her Mummy's ear "Trust her".
She whispered in my ear "Listen... please listen".

And with a flutter of her little green wings (because only princess ladybirds can wear the colour green so beautifully), she made magic. Her Mummy trusted, I listened, and together we made a plan for this years Princess Ladybird brooches.

Beautiful angel Imogen did an awesome job, I'm sure you will agree.
Please visit Imogen's Angels and purchase a brooch. 

This is important to me. 

Let the little ladybug love shine in!

You can read lovely Imogen's story here. 

Love and blessings to all the bugs out there. 
Much love to Imogen's Mummy, Daddy and brothers. xxx

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