Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heaven Bound

If I wasn't at home, you could bet I was sitting on his couch giggling, plotting and scheming with his adored little girl.
If I was cheeky he could and would pull me into line just like my own Dad.

He would take us for drives in his little green Morris , me and Sue squealing with delight and slip sliding across the beige vinyl seats without seat-belts  or a care in the world. ( the car pre-dated back seat seat belts) 
He would pick us up from the pub at 3 am in his taxi , (somehow we always managed to jump the taxi queue), and deliver us safely home, shaking his head and telling us to behave ourselves.

At my high school graduation he took me for a spin around the dance floor, and at my my wedding he waltzed with me and told me he loved me like his own.

He introduced me as his second daughter, called me "my darling", " little one", "scallywag"  and "trouble" depending on the situation.
I brought my babies home to meet him, he bounced them on his knee and told me they had my eyes, my smile.

He was a true gentleman, a battler from his first breath to his last. 
His love for his wife and his kids was complete.
His acceptance, love and protection of me was unbreakable.

Two men shaped my expectations of how a loving man can be a partner to their wife and a gentle guiding hand for their children. 
One of them was my own Dad ( xxxxxxxxxxxx )

The other was my best friends Dad.
He went to heaven yesterday. He has earned his angel wings.
I will miss him forever.


  1. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a wonderful man. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady xx

  2. I'm so sorry. How amazingly lucky you were to have two "dads". I know that means you go through loss twice, but I'm glad you had these neat men in your life.


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