Monday, July 14, 2014

A House Divided

Our home is clearly divided. 
Four who do and two who do not.
I'm on the larger team, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing remotely attractive about crossing to the other side.

Four Sleeper-Inners.  (Sleeper Innerers. Sleep Inners, people who stay asleep after the crack of dawn)

On my team I am the captain, after many years experience of that delicious snooze-state. I love the blissful moment when you emerge out of a deep sleep, remember that there is nothing urgent on the calendar for today, and roll over to submerge into dreams again. Heaven!

J-man is 20 ( holy shamoly, my heart stutters when I write that number.. 20 ! But I digress) .. ahem J-man perfected the art of sleeping in around the age of 12 and has refined his skills to the point where we are lucky to see him before lunchtime.

Miss 16 has been sleeping in since a similar age, she works hardest at it on days when she has stuff to do, like.. school. But on the weekend, she will slumber away until she can hear the sounds of morning tea or her frantic Facebook updates become too urgent to ignore.

Miss 9 may not actually sleep in all the time ( although she regularly hits 9am before she opens her eyes) but she understands the importance of a leisurely rising. Playing on her iPod, reading in bed, talking to her dolls. She is that rare blessing of a child who waits until someone tells her she can get up.

Leading the opposing team of Annoyingly Cheerful Early Risers is The Man I Married. He jumps out of bed at the first break of dawn, happy, chipper and annoyingly loud. He makes a coffee LOUDLY,he munches toast LOUDLY, he greets the dogs LOUDLY, he ponders what he'd like to do today with them LOUDLY. He is crazy enough to get up at 6 am on a sleep-in-able morning to pop down to the gym for an hour. He is tinkering in the garage by 8 am. Mowing the lawn by 9am.  A ridiculously chipper morning person. 

Miss 18 is also a morning person. She is much more quiet than her Dad, but she is often in the kitchen by 7 am, sweet and cheerful. She does go back into her room and tried to not disturb Those Who Won't Wake. She accepts my grunts and growls and brings coffee to soothe the morning beasties. 

Back in the days of three wee small children ( and Miss 9 was just an idea) sleep-ins were but an elusive dream. Now they are attainable and plenty, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why anyone would deny themselves the glorious pleasure. 

Which team are you on ?


  1. I'm afraid I'm not on your team Lisa but I wish I was. My internal clock invariably wakes me up around 5.00 of 6.00am and won't let me rest until I get up and I hate it. My husband snoozes on blissfully however much noise I make and probably wouldn't stir if a train detoured through the bedroom.

  2. My girls are older now and all starting to want to sleep in when they get the chance. The funny thing is, a gorgeous eccentric cat has adopted us and doesn't keep the same hours. I almost feel like we have a new born in the house while we try and get him use to our routine, if that is even possible. A cat door might also help because he tends to want to go out a couple of times overnight and is rather vocal about getting back in and insists on waking the entire house from about 4am onwards as he looks for someone to give him attention.

  3. I'm not quite sure I will be able to cope if my kids are still early risers when they grow up - I LOVE sleeping in but never get the chance to - one day!

  4. I am on team sleep in but my hubby is always awake by 6am. I now send him off for his morning bike ride so I can get a sleep in. The 3 boys all wake up between 6-7am now so now I just ignore them until they come in complaining for breakfast.

  5. I flit between both teams but I do love the days when I can just sleep until I am ready to wake up, the mornings there is no screeching alarm interrupting my slumber!!

  6. I've never been able to stay in bed too late but I would love to just have the choice to sleep-in for once. I can't remember the last time I woke up on my own accord and not prompted by an alarm or a child needing something right then and there...I would love to just be able to turn over and let sleep claim me again!

  7. I'm not on your team either but SD and I have reached a compromise - I get up and potter for a couple of hours at the weekend and then I'll take him up a cup of tea and get back into bed for and hour or so. Miss Mac loves to sleep in and only the smell of bacon frying gets her down before lunchtime on a Saturday.

  8. This a beautiful way to describe your family. My children are all too young, but slowly we are getting more capable of a sleep in. They wake up and set up the PS3 and play a game in secret. They don't realise how much we love that they want to hide from us.

  9. I'm on the sleep-in side and A is on the get up and let's do something side !!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox


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