Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sticky Tape

This morning as I was getting myself and our household on track for the day, Miss 10 went to the stationery drawer and found the clear sticky tape. 

As her room is already overflowing with crafty bits and pieces pilfered from that drawer, I stopped her and told her whatever she needed to tape up, she should bring it out to the table & do it there. 

I kept going with morning tasks in the kitchen. I could hear the sound of sticky tape being pulled off. Gosh she was using a lot of it. I turned around to find her happily sticky taping her tragically broken sneakers together for sport! 

I died ! 

Firstly, how completely and innocently unpretentious is she, that she didn't even think to ask for new sneakers? 
Secondly, obviously I've been parenting with blinkers on for a few months, cos I had no idea the state they were in ! 

We raced to the local department store before school started and bought new sneakers, and sticky tape. 

Just another Mother Of The Year moment ! 


  1. No I worse than you...Id have sent mine with the sticky tape!! No shops here open before school!! :-) xx Cathy

  2. I have sent them to school with sticky taped shoes!!
    My Third has an autistic obsession with sticky tape. He loves to build and create with this most magic of devices. It will fix anything, he believes. I used to carry sticky tape around with me, so that if needed he could repair anything on a whim. Now thankfully, he can wait till we get home. And he can understand that sometimes glue is a better tool.
    Love this post.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, there are worse things that can happen :)

  4. Shit that happened to me the other day Lisa, my son told me his shoes were broken and I just ignored it... and then I saw tongue out!! DUH - Ugh. What is it with kids and shoes!!! Even when I buy exxy ones they get smashed easily x

  5. Super Mom saves the day!

    Visiting you from #MummyMondays! Feel free to visit me! Thanks

  6. I agree! Mommy of the year! Have it sewn and donate it!


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