Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back on the game

Hello lovely patient people.

Did I tell you I am studying to be a nurse?
I am and it's hard work! I am already blessed with 4 gorgeous kids, and a great husband who tolerates my scatteredness. I design for the craft industry ( although less now than in the past) and I am more than halfway towards becoming an enrolled Div 2 Nurse. I am so relieved to be over the halfway hump, but daunted by the next 10 months work. In just 2 weeks I go on placement for Acute and then straight into mental health/ district nursing placement.

For the past month I have had my head in my books, studying and writing and generally trying to inspire those tired brain cells to absorb just a little more info.

What I have learned is that evn though it is hard work, I am so much more enthusiastic about classes and assignments because I have chosen to be there...instead of because my parents said I have to go to school.
I can see where my new knowledge will be used as opposed to trying ( unsuccessfully) to figure out how far a boat would be from the cliff if the angle from the boat to the lighthouse is....BLAGGGHH.

It intrigues me that even though a teenager knows that study and schooling is essential to become independant, even then, the IMPORTANCE of that knowledge is lost on them. It isn't until often years later that they can see the point of all that algebra, analysis of written word and biology experiments.

And isn't that the same as life???? We are given lessons in life, love and learning and at the time we don't see the point or purpose. We want to skip class and go have some fun. We can't see the outcome or the relevance or the "why" of the lesson.

A few years ago we turned to IVF to have our beautiful daughter. At the time I struggled with the effort, heartache and disappointment that accompanies the journey through IVF. There were many tears. Many hopeful, heartbroken and angry prayers. Many times when I felt ripped off and let down.
And finally, our darling Sarah was born, perfect and wonderful.

Four years later I offered to donate my eggs to a couple who had no children.
Because of my experience I understood their craving.
Because of my experience I was unafraid of the IVF process.
Because of my experience I could offer real comfort when things didn't work.
Because of my experience I could celebrate with joy for them when a perfect little boy was born.

When I needed IVF for my own child I did not understand why it had to be so hard. Now looking back I see every part of it as a blessing. Lesson learned, class complete.

I hope you are happy safe and well, I hope you can see that even though times in life can be awful and unkind, there will come a time when some one else will need you to step forward and say "I've been there. It's going to be okay".

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  1. Hi Lisa, have just found your blog via buttonbliss and have enjoyed the last 15 or more minutes reading through your posts. They are all very interesting. I really like the one from Wednesday, April 6, 2011
    The Journey. I love the words at the end about life.


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