Friday, April 22, 2011

Camping Young style

It is school holidays here but also cold and rainy. I am unable to take the kids away on holiday, so we decided to camp out.

First and most important to a 6 yr old is the campfire for toasting marshmallows. I loaded up the metal wheelbarrow with kindling and redgum and we had a gorgeous fire going, with room for my vegies roasting on the side -

We invited friends around and had a ball. It wasn't perfect but it was just fine.

Next was where to sleep. Luckily we have plenty of tents and a big backyard.

But then it rained.

And rained.

And rained.

Sarah made her little campsite.

Doesn't she look cosy? She ought to with ducted heating and electric lights.
Her tent was pitched in the loungeroom.

Again not perfect, but just fine for us. She had a lovely night sleep ( except for the 13 or so times that the kitten jumped on her roof), stayed very warm and dry, and stayed in her tent til 11am the next day - awesome!!!

I felt bad that I couldn't take the kids on a "WOW" holiday, but in the end, they have had a beautiful time here in our own home. Isn't it funny how often what we need is right under our noses?

Hope you all have a happy Easter, don't eat too much chocolate,
Much love

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