Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fence sitting

I wanted to share my most favourite poem ever. I remember my brother David teaching it to me, and it has been part of who I am in so many ways ever since.

Come sit down beside me,

I said to myself,

And although it doesn't make sense, 

I held my own hand,

As a small sign of trust,

and together, I sat on the fence.


Written by Michael Leunig

I love this! To me ( and I'm sure there are many other interpretations ) it means that even if I am alone in my convictions, even if no-one else will sit beside me, I am strong enough to hold my own hand, and to trust my own instincts. 

Mr Leunig is an immensely talented Australian poet, writer and artist. What a gift to be able to express something so awesome in just a few words.





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