Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Journey

We are all rushing around like bees in a bottle.

Got to do more, earn more, see more. 

We spend our lives looking desperately over our shoulder at the people coming up behind, younger, smarter, faster, more worldly and more ruthless.

They weren't joking when they called it the Human Race, we are all literally running for our lives. From the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning we are on a mission to complete jobs, multi-tasking the to-do list until we fall into bed at night exhausted. Even then our minds race with all the drama of today and the planning of tomorrow, the future.

We eat on the run, we talk on the phone while we are driving, we communicate via email to cut out the small talk, we pay other people to walk our own pets. We have 5 minute bible meditations emailed to us because we haven't got any more time.

People taking a vacation are not content to find a shady tree and plonk down with a good book, we want to cram in 6 states worth of major landmarks, a whistle stop tour of monuments, ticking off the list of 15000 things you must see before you die. Jump out of the car take a photo, then jump back in and race to the next item. 

If we have kids they are often over scheduled to within an inch of sanity, so they can be super achievers, top athletes, the prettiest, smartest or at the very least most experienced. Heaven forbid they should have free play and down time making mud pies. We are playing Mozart and holding up flashcards to newborns, potty training at 9 months and rushing them to school before their dimpled toddler legs have grown out. Gotta get ahead, accelerated learning, straight A's at the alphabet..pressure.pressure.pressure....!

Amongst all that rush, does anyone actually stop and examine what they are feeling,? Is there any joy in this madness. "Am I taking the time to enjoy any of these 'must-do' experiences?" We are so busy doing we forget the whole point of being.

The saddest thing is most people rush like crazy until they die. They fail to realise that this is  the destination. This life full of experiences is the whole event. This is not a dress rehearsal, and the future they are planning for... it's here right now!

This is it, this life, it is the destination. 
Let's stop and take a big breath.
Let's get off the roller coaster and take a quiet stroll. 
Let's spend the weekend doing nothing productive.
Let's allow encourage our children to be children, 
Let's hold our babies, even after they are asleep, just to keep looking at them.
Let's visit a friend and wander in the garden.
Let's go to the park and fly a kite.
Let's walk our dogs and say "hi" to our neighbors.
Let's take up a hobby without the aim of making money from it.
Let's lie on a blanket and gaze at the stars.

Let's bring the joy and silliness and wonder back into our world

Much Love

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