Saturday, April 2, 2011

Important things

"The most important things in life can't be seen... That's why we close our eyes when we kiss, pray and dream!!"
I love this quote as it places my thoughts and priorities back squarely where they belong. 
A new car with gorgeous leather seats and all the gizmos and gadgets is certainly nice but it can't throw its little arms around me with the loving abandon of a toddler and kiss me. It won't be my friend, it won't be my confidante, or a shoulder to cry on. It can't celebrate with me at a joyous time, and will quite happily drive away with a new owner for the right price. A kiss from someone I that's important.

A 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom house with room for a pony in a fancy zip code will make me seem wealthy and important, but it can't fill a spiritual void, provide comfort in my darkest hour or offer deep, lasting soulful peace. It offers cleaning not cleansing, and is not a true reflection of my worth, it is a few walls and some carpet. An hour spent in this home means ..not much at all. An hour spent in that's important. 

The latest designer clothes would hug my (generous) curves and flatter me, may turn some heads and make others envious. But they won't alter the course of my life, they are just fabric and can't affect my soul. I might get a temporary kick out of fitting with the "in" crowd, until I realise that is the clothes and not the person they approve of. They don't know my ambitions, my desires, my "one day I'm gonna's", my hopes and dreams and plans for making it happen. Clothes do not define who I am or who I am going to be. Time and money spent on clothes ( or wishing for them) is not life altering ..but dreaming.. now that's important.
The important stuff, the intangible stuff, the stuff that you close your eyes for is truly what molds us and creates our soul and being. Mother Theresa was one of the most admired women in history and her poverty was heartbreaking. Did it stop her determination to offer love and comfort? To strive for a better world. No, she knew that a person is not deemed worthy based on their bank account, every person is precious and important. EVERY PERSON !
I don't care how much money you make, what car you drive or what you wear, I want you to be happy and fulfilled right where you are, focused on the important stuff. Let others worry about the latest season lip colour - it doesn't matter. Did you ever hear anyone in a history lesson talking about a person from 1642 who wore the perfect shade of lipstick? Have you heard about the rich guy from 1821 who spent a years salary on a really cool horse cart? It's just material stuff and is irrelevant to your heart, your happiness and your peace.
Kiss, Pray and Dream - that's the key to happiness , not possessions. 
With Love

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