Friday, April 1, 2011

Happiness is a choice

Yesterday I posted this quote on my Facebook page
"Being happy is something you have to learn. I often surprise myself by saying "Wow, this is it. I guess I'm happy. I got a home I love. A career that I love. I'm even feeling more and more at peace with myself." If there's something else to happiness, let me know. I'm ambitious for that, too."

- Harrison Ford
a friend wrote back on my wall stating that if she had the money he has and the freedom that provides she'd be happy too. 

It got me thinking about those in my life who are perpetually glass half empty people, and how their negativity seems to envelope them. This is a woman with a lovely husband, 2 healthy teenagers, 4 bedroom home with pool, 2 cars in the garage... and yet she still is not satisfied. I will admit her home is probably not as large as Mr Fords and he undoubtedly has a bigger bank account, but she missed the whole point of his statement. 

Being happy is about seeing what you have right now and acknowledging the blessings. It isn't saying everything is perfect but it is choosing to focus on the good while you work on the bad stuff.

The news flash is - WE ALL HAVE CRAP IN OUR LIVES. 

We are all overworked, concerned for our kids future, worried about the economy and struggling to juggle all the balls. Every single married person has had times when they wonder what on earth they were thinking, every parent has woken in a cold sweat overwhelmed with the responsibility of getting their child from 0-18yrs unscathed. It's called life. Even wealthy people, gorgeous people, gifted and brilliant people have the same thoughts, the same concerns and fears. Money does not buy happiness, just look at the divorce and toxic addiction rates amongst the rich and famous.

Happiness, joyfulness & gratitude is something that is learned and practised. It is getting up in the morning and making a conscious choice to find joy in your own world. I don't know what it is like to live in a mansion in Berverley Hills, but I do know how much fun and craziness there is living in my home with 2 adults, 4 kids, a dog, 2 cats and a handful of tadpoles. I don't know what its like to wear Versace but I do know there is enough food in my home and warm clothes in the dresser. I don't have a $20,000 dinner table, but I have one that fits my family just fine and my 6 yr old can colour in without me panicking. I am not paid $43m for a couple months work, but I get to see my children and husband each night and we have enough.

So here's my thought - you can either look over the fence at the other guys grass and whine, or you can water your own lawn and have a great garden right where you are - money doesn't buy happiness or a peaceful heart - it's a choice, not a bank account total. If you have a willing heart and a brain in your head, you have everything you need to be happy right now ...

So from here on, I am writing to encourage you, to inspire you to choose to be joyful, wherever you are at. 

Love, peace and abundance happiness to all,



  1. Exactly! Wonderful post. (Before you even wrote your friend's response, I just *knew* it was coming!) heh. Glass-half-empty people. Gotta love 'em --anyway. :) Thanks for a great post! ...Debra

  2. The chinese give a pomelo for a holiday, because the fruit name means abundance in Chinese. I love that. (Apologies to any Chinese if I've butchered the story).
    I'm a half empty at times person, working hard on being half full all the time.

  3. Lisa, this is So So True. I try to be content with what I have got, but sometimes I need a shakeup to remind me that this is not all that is out there. There is a fine line between being happy wiht what you have, and not stopping seeking More in life. But I like to think of that in an aspirational way, what I will go out and get, rather than a negative, what I haven't got, way.

  4. This is the most inspiring first post I have read. Beautiful words, well written and so true! We get so caught up looking over the fence. No more!!

  5. You are so right! This is why I do Thankful Thursday - a weekly kick up the bum to make sure I'm not falling into glass half empty territory. Great first post :)

  6. Love your first post. I'm in the process of decluttering and reorganising. It's amazing how little you really need.
    It's hard but it's important to not care about what others think.
    Thanks for linking with The Lounge XX

  7. This is wonderful post and sums up so much of what I feeling right now. I hope you don't mind, but in my next post, I'd like to put a link to your post in @

  8. What a wonderful first post! What a great reason to write, to encourage and to inspire :)

  9. This has slapped me in the face as I'm struggling with my sooky la la, negative Nelly, wallowing tendencies presently. So thanks, I needed the slapping. xo

  10. An absolutely beautiful first post.

  11. That is a fabulous first post, and oh so true, practicing that lesson EVERYDAY! The power of negative is so strong, taming the ego is no easy task! xx Nikki

  12. I bloody love this!! What a cracking first post. You should be proud of this one, and proud that all these years later you're still doing what you set out to do.
    Remember to read this one from time to time. Sometimes we all need a little reminder.
    So pleased I saw this right this minute.

  13. Exactly Lisa, exactly. I choose to be positive and it sure beats being a sad sack all the time. I love this post - so very, very true!

  14. a great message, one I try to live by and tell my students to follow as well. One of my favourite quotes is...

    "one day I just decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore... so I stopped. Just like that"

    It's all about perspective. Great first post

  15. What a terrific aim for your blog - to encourage joy in other people. It's a very selfless ambition, whereas a lot of blogs are for personal growth/freedom. Great first post!


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