Sunday, August 7, 2011

Calling Cleopatra (s)

I have been thinking about the "past life" experiences that are so often publicised. I am intrigued that everyone claims to have been someone famous. I have read the accounts of several Cleopatra's , at least two Joan of Arcs, a couple of Julius Caesars. ...

Why doesn't anyone discover that in their past life they were a toilet cleaner, or a humble chicken farmer. No-one lays claim to the dubious occupation of grape squasher as their life's work.

Why is it that some people just have to talk themselves up, even in their past lives. It isn't enough to be honest and hardworking..

What is interesting to me is that the people who I admire most in the world, and in my private life are humble, working quietly at the chore they have been gifted. One person is simply a receptionist at a little business. She doesn't make decisions about world politics, she doesn't earn millions, she is a Mum, a wife and an employee. She is also peaceful and calm, a good friend and great mother. She inspires me to be better and do better. But I don't think 200 years from now anyone will be claiming to have been a receptionist.
Frankly I don't want my little girls to be ex-Cleopatra's- it didn't end well for her. Nor would I like my son to be ex-Julius Caesar - not a very pleasant ending for him either. ( Joan of Arc didn't go happily either!)

Nope.. goat herders and grape squashers are we... happily going about the business of the world, without the front page headline to prove it.

Just my thinking...
xx Lisa


  1. I like your thinking! As I am the toilet cleaner now, I must have been a snail in previous life! lol.


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