Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 on Tuesday -

Taking a leaf..twig..branch...tree

From a twitterer, today is 10 on Tuesday.
Ten things secrets about me

1. I am brave- even when I don't want to be. Even when I would choose for someone else to be the fall guy. if the arrow points to me .I am brave.

2. I am shy. I know most of my friends know me as a pretty loud, opinionated person. Don't be fooled. I'm shy, scared and desperate for acceptance. Really.

3. I am a sook. When my world falls around my ears I still want my Mum. When it's scary and dark I want my Dad. Even when my kids look to me for comfort, I am still secretly looking over my shoulder to my Mummy and Daddy for the same reassurance.

4. I LOVE food. I love everything about food. I love the randomness of it. I love that two people can have the same ingredient and create two totally different universes.Food is my friend ( and my nemesis)

5. I still feel guilty about being a mean girl in high school. - I wasn't the meanest, but for the mean things, the hurt and crap that went with it I feel truly bad. I wish there was a do-over. There isn't.

6. I think my kids really are the best in the world. Okay this is not really a secret, but it is a mother's prerogative and mine really ARE awesome. Just ask me and I'll send you some posters.

7. My husband thinks I'm a nutter.  Not in an indulgent "isn't she loopy" kind of way. He really thinks I have a screw lose. He stays married to me anyway (bless!)

8. I am a naughty student. I know at the age of 39 I should be focused and using my time wisely. I am still cramming at the last minute and slapping my forehead at my time wasting. If I pass this course it will, truly, be a miracle.

9. I don't mind if I have 1 or 1000 twitter followers. Which is good, as the number is closer to zero than a thousand. But I am confused and bemused ( are they two different things) by people who are excited by having 3000 followers - right now I have a pet shop, two shoe companies and a holiday deal company following me.. irrelevant!

10. I am scared every time I hit POST on my blog. Scared it is unacceptable, scared it will be harshly judged. Scared I have accidentally offended someone, scared I have accidentally copied someone. I am afraid of not being accepted.. and yet have no proof so far that that is the case. Paranoia is a powerful thing

Happy tenUp Tuesday,

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  1. Some very interesting things about you.
    I feel the same about #10 -
    The numbers thing we all do it , just pretend you don't care while you rock in the corner every time someone unlikes or unfollows you.


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