Sunday, August 21, 2011

OHHHH there it is

I lost my groove for a little while there.
I'm in a weird, twilighty nothingness while I wait to go back to nursey school. 

I have struggled to find a rhythm to my days and seem to have wasted ridiculous amounts of time with nothing productive to show for it. Oh sure, washing is done (sometimes) and meals land on the table ( 4 nights out of 7) but otherwise I have felt... in a ..funk.  That word is under used but very descriptive. FUNK!

I'm kinda cranky, but not so bad you'd call me on it.  A bit disorganised but not enough to ring alarm bells. My study books are begging for some attention but I haven't totally dropped the ball.

And so this week I discovered Twitter. 


I have discovered a weird kind of parallel universe where people can express themselves (very) freely in 140 characters or less.
A world where a Mum/Mom writing a dinky little blog becomes an Editor-In-Chief . 
If you pop some self improvement quotes in your blog you can also claim to be CEO of a Self Empowerment E-Journal for women.
Have you ever blogged about a yummy dinner you had at the restaurant in town -Yay! That makes you a Food Reviewer.
Did you mention a baby product you used ( as in- "Thank heavens for disposable baby wipes or I'd have hosed her off in the garden)- you may now lay claim to the role of Product Reviewer.

Deep below all these "I'm so awesome just let me tell you.." descriptions are Mums. Just Mums. They have all known the bizarre insanity of 3 days straight without sleep. They all know (but may never admit) that the book they can recite by heart is more likely to be a Little Golden Book, they've had leaky boobs, and grey hairs. They worried for their babies and despaired over their teens. They've faced a school principal wondering how it is possible to still feel so small on the wrong side of the desk. They can pinpoint the moment when they realised there really is No Going Back.

I have read many blogs. Laughed, cried and puzzled. I have discovered new (tentative) friendships and found a new spark. 

One thing that stands out to me is the descriptions.. and I guess it relates back to my recent post about the AWESOME boy. We can either talk life up or down. We can be glass half empty or glass half full.

I am either a beleaguered Mum of 4 demanding kids, study-er and wifey stuff ... or I am CEO of a vibrant and dynamic group of future heroes, starting a brand new career and spending time with the love of my life

I will choose the second one thanks!!

Hope you are all happy and healthy, living in your own little bubble of CEO power.


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  1. Does being a general dogsbody make me a General Director of Miscellaneous Necessities!??? Glad you found your spark again!

  2. Great post! Twitter is a different world, but the friendships you find on there can be so fun. Keep writing!!


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