Sunday, August 28, 2011

Homework at 39

Today I submitted my first major hurdle for my medications component of Nursing. I managed to answer all questions but one.. but this one NEARLY KILLED ME.
It's a little question, only worth 4 points and yet it has had me baffled for 2 days.
Somehow I had to explain this

and add it to this
and then somehow make it add up like this
Which made my head go like this

And the dilemma was that I could regurgitate it from the textbook word for word and pass the question , but I had no idea what it meant!! I could get a mark.. which I didn't deserve because I didn't know what I was writing.

I rang other classmates - each tried to explain it which only confused me more. I called two qualified nurses who responded admirably but gave up when they realised I was in over my head.

I have googled, I have twittered, I have offered money for a legible and concise explanation. 
In the end - I CONFESS - I wrote the textbook meaning - it was open book. and I will continue to question everyone I can think of. until I understand.

Until then, I should not be left in charge of anyone taking drugs with organ failure which may affect the protein binding properties in plasma thus affecting the volume of distribution and therefore half life of a drug and raising it's toxicology.

Hey look - I think I got it finally !

This little brain needs some craft time, some TV time, a good book and a glass of wine time.

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