Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Holiday Day 3 ( Alternative Title= Shoot me Now!)

This may be a rant. I fear it will be a rant.

Spring school holidays are under way here and so far we have spent them thusly:

Miss 7 has a horrid cold and alternates between crying, coughing, snotting and snoozing. She has not been out of her PJ's in 3 days and she is operating on Panadol, Dimetapp and CocoPops. Barbie as Rapunzel is playing on a loop and I am going insane.

Miss 13 has had gorgeous blonde hair which she dyed brunette, then tried to go back to blonde resulting in a blonde halo with dark ends - kind of like an upside choc-dipped icecream. So yesterday she tried to dye it deep burgundy (slaps forehead) and ended up with lipstick pink/scary orange hair. Another two batches of hair colour today has returned her to what she started with and me $100 poorer. Of course it is all my fault.

Miss 15 helped with all but the final dying effort and her main focus over the past 3 days has been on which body part she should get pierced. She has it narrowed down to either the nose, lip or the tragus. I have studied advanced anatomy and I had to Google it ( I'll save u the trouble - it's the little bumpy cartilage bit at the centre front of your ear). You may imagine that we parents stood united in our answer of  "No".  You would have imagined incorrectly. The Man I Married said "Sure.. why not. " I could write an essay on Why Not , but instead I am taking her to get holes poked into her body.

Master 17 is all broody teenage manliness, wakes at around midday, grunts in response to all questions and expects daily hour long driving lessons. He thinks he would like to move out into a group house. He is still at school, with not even a part time job. I wonder what he will eat. I ask him what he will eat. The silence is deafening. His suggestion is he will come shopping with me when I do my groceries. I suspect I have not prepared him for the realities of adult life.

I have finally completed a massive (STUPID) Medications assignment, with 44 questions none of which asked anything about medications. The argumentative me wants to question the sanity of a non-medications medications assessment. The "I just want to pass" me tells me to suck it up and get on with it. So far I am unsure which me will win.

The man I married is oblivious to all the above. His Star Trek viewing is on track and going swimmingly.


  1. We have just had the biggest belly laugh in weeks - woken up next door neighbour (BBB) -you have the wonderful gift of writing so we can actually be in it! Can't wait for 7/10 to see some of the results of above!!!! Luv you Super Mum!

  2. I have lots of stories about piercings - if you ever want to know - drop me a line and I will tell you !!!

    Our hair dying episode went relatively well - she was 19 and paid for it herself - and continues to pay for it because she hates seeing roots coming through her natural lovely colour !!

    Her desire to move out was quickly squashed when she did a budget thinking she would have all this money left at the end of the week only to realise that she had included her income on a weekly basis but she actually only gets paid fortnightly !!!! After adjusting for that small mistake - she was short of money each week - couldn't afford to do much except pay her rent (shared accomm), petrol, phone, insurance, rego and maybe buy a couple of packets of noodles to eat once a day !!!

    Gotta love kids - well you do have to otherwise they would be dead - her especially as I would have killed her long ago and saved myself the heartache suffered up until now !!!

    Love your posts - definitely no BS in there - just the total truth !!!!

    Have the best weekend ever !


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