Saturday, November 12, 2011

Inspiration on my wall

This usually hangs on the wall in my bedroom. I painted it one afternoon a few years ago. It's very simple but it speaks kindly to me.
The man I married hates it. Too girly, fluffy BS nonsense.
His idea of art is a framed print of a Holden Monaro... Classy!

Anyhow I've been kinda stuck on what to write about. I passed my exams and have been in a limbo place. Not doing much.
I could fascinate you with descriptions of hanging washing (prefer matching pegs, never wooden ones and all underwear goes in the centre so the neighbours can't see your smalls) and cleaning up dog barf.. but I think you'll survive without that.

But this canvas here has been trying to get my attention this week. It has fallen down, been knocked down, had coffee spilt on it (don't ask!) and is generally getting in my way.

Today as I hung it again I read through the words and they just sort of 'hung on my heart'. Does that make sense? Because really these 12 words are really everything about living.  If we can find some way to implement just a tiny fragment of each into our day, then the day has truly been "lived".

So I'm going to pick a word for each post.

If you want to join me, send me an email... LOVE comes first.


  1. You have taught me so much about love!!! And finding it in the midst of the unlovable! I can't believe you're mine - you never cease to amaze me! Love always - u no hoo

  2. I LOVE that poster that you made - how creative you are - I can't draw a straight line with a ruler !!!!

    LOL - I'm with you on the no wooden pegs and I won't even hang my smalls outside - they all get hung inside !!!!

    Have a great day !


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