Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am distracted by new things

I have a HORRID laptop .. I won't tell you the brand for fear of defamation ASUS  but lets just agree that it has been a complete bag of crap since the day I bought it. It overheats, it won't load programmes, it time-outs, it says Not Responding... it is, in fact, evil and argumentative. I have lost entire essays, I have cried in frustration over a computer that just randomly turns off in the middle of a word document- it just goes to bed.. no warning, no polite "Is it okay if I get my pajamas on" .. Nothing, just a sudden black screen. And no document saved when it finally agrees to come out and play. It has been assessed and wiped and reset and refurbed and it still is a complete arse!

Now if I only needed a computer to fiddle around on facebook or twitter, I would not be as concerned but I design on my computer. I study on my computer. I run my website on my computer. My computer is my doorway into my business, and my career. I have already dealt with the total loss of my files after my ten yr old dropped a cup of hot chocolate into my first laptop (- here's the tip BACK UP YOUR FILES ! Lesson learned. Child grounded indefinitely) But I don't want to deal with that again. I need reliability. I need certainty. I need a baseball bat and 2 minutes alone with this machine.

Yesterday My hubby came home to find me yelling at this laptop. (Yes I understand it can't hear me, but it makes me feel better okay!!)  He asked me if this laptop was fixable. Now, I chose this laptop, I investigated and made the critical choice, so it was with some humility that I admitted that I'd made a bad decision.

Hubby hugged me (Yes, demonstrative act of affection- rare!) and told me to go and look on the back seat of his car.


He's bought me a new laptop, all shiny and pretty and soooooo not the same brand. It turns on when I ask it to and turns off when I say it can. It stays cool as a cucumber and has not time-outed anything. It is perfect

It made me cry.

Even when I am married to the most unromantic creature on the planet, I know he cares. I know he thinks of me. And that's enough for me... who needs a bunch of dying flowers???Bouncing and typing in my bubble of HaPpY!


  1. Remember when we didn't have lap tops or computers of any kind. How did we survive then? What did we do? I had a penfriend from Belguim way back in 1977 when snail mail was the only way to keep in touch. Last month I found him on facebook, its amazing and so wonderful to be in touch again. I love my laptop. Its good to read you have a new laptop Lisa, enjoy using it.

  2. I'm happy for you!
    My husband bought me a polka-dot piggy bank.
    Of course, that's exactly what I wanted!

  3. Awww what a big softie!!! That is such a lovely story!!


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