Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do you deliver?

The truth is, I'm quite lazy and impatient when it comes to getting rid of clutter around the house.
Some people take photos and write great descriptions and sell items on Ebay auctions.
I can't be bothered.

So I turn to something guaranteed to move stuff out the door faster than a speeding train.

Facebook "Free stuff" Groups.

In my area there are a couple of Free Items pages, The idea is you just take a picture and let the first person who says "Mine" have it. They collect it, it's gone. Happy Days.

Yesterday I put a bag on there.. I put up two pictures and described it.

Free : "Large bag with shoulder strap, in new condition, perfect size for laptop, but can also be used for craft stuff, scrapbooking... two large inner pockets. MUST COLLECT today."

Pretty clear I would have thought.
So within 2 minutes a woman messaged me. 

"What else can it be used for?"

I wrote back "Umm, it's a bag. So bag-gy things. Put stuff in it. "

She replies. "Oh Okay. Can I pick it up on Friday?"

I reply "I would like it collected today, like I said in the ad."

She writes "Can you please deliver it to me? I live out of town."

Sigh. Lady, it's a free, 'as new' bag. Free, I'm giving it. Now you want me to use my petrol to bring it to you too?

There is a bit of a "Give an inch, take a mile" attitude going on there and although I realise she was asking politely , I can't help but roll my eyes and wonder. 

Maybe there has been too much Christmas spirit consuming, maybe it's the end of year crazy, maybe I just don't tolerate 'stupid' very well.

What do you do with clutter? 

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