Monday, March 31, 2014

I must confess - March tales

This week for I Must Confess, I am being prompted to link to a post from March 2013,

There is the one where I talk about getting fit after a looonngg absence from the gym ... turns out I did exactly the same thing in December, staying power is not my strong suit.

There is the one where I confess I have gone back to the Dr for help with depression (again!!!) and am hoping for sunnier skies. Since then the skies have been sunnier, cloudier, storming, shining, snowing, hailing and glorious. I don't think the black dog of depression is ever going to move out of my yard but I do think I've got it on a short chain (for now)

There is the post about DPCON13, a conference for Australian Bloggers, mostly from the parent realm and how I LOVED the conference last year... Last week I went to the DPCON14 conference on a cruise ship (OH MY!) and it was magnificent. Once again, the tribe has spoken, I belong.

There was a post about my very naughty raggy Cavoodle who is like a little Houdini. When he gets out the front door, he runs like he will never run again. He still does it. It is less amusing now.

So the post I am sharing is my 20th Anniversary Post. I love it, for all the things it says about us and me. Twenty One Years Last week, still here.


20 Years

Once upon a time there was a little boy

and a little girl.

They grew up in different cities, in very different families.

She was (mostly) a good girl who came home on time, who got good grades and who had only had one boyfriend.

He was a bit naughty, left home at 16 and had plenty of girlfriends :-)

And then they met.

After three weeks of dating the boy told the girl he was going to marry her.
She laughed.

18 months later......

Just babies were we, me at 20 and he just 21.

What a spunk! A very tall spunk!

She's still (mostly) a good girl
He's still a bit naughty.

20 years.
Happy Anniversary Babe. 
I love you


  1. Such a beautiful post Lisa! Happy Anniversary. I would be interested to know your thoughts on last years Digital Parents Conference and this years one. Cavoodles are so cute!!

  2. This is great Lisa, so very cute you both fell in love so young, true love hey - thanks for sharing. And I look forward to a DP Con post soon! :)

  3. How lovely - congratulations on reaching 21 years this year! We will hit 14 years in October but it still feels like yesterday. Thanks for linking this up!

  4. Belated happy anniversary! Love the photos. It will be our 20th anniversary next year. Not sure whether I'm excited or terrified that the years have flown by so fast!

  5. 21 years is an awesome achievement. I love your tale of the good girl and the little bit naughty boy too!
    We have a naughty Foxy who likes to make a run for it given the chance too. She bolts straight around the corner to a house that is full of kids. You would think she's want a bit of peace and quiet after being here lol!

  6. Oh look at you Lisa! What a lovely post. I love looking back in my wedding too!

  7. So very envious of your blogging cruise. I really want to go on a cruise but hubby goes to work with sea and gets seasick so he won't even consider it. Might need to go on my own.

  8. 20 years! Wow! This is my first visit to your blog and it's nice to get this glimpse into your history.


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