Thursday, April 12, 2012

On The Run

From the Button Bliss files... On the Run

I have a confession to make... I'm a thief.
Yes I am sorry to everyone who believed in me , but there you go, a THIEF!
It's not my fault really.
Sometimes there is just so much going on, and the kids are yelling and I get distracted, and before you know it, there I am in Aldi, stealing.

Life in the Young household has been crazy, challenging, overwhelming and just plain out-of-control.

I have been sitting in a bit of a puddle lately, but yesterday I went to the supermarket with a friend who has no car. I only needed one thing, she needed lots, so we got a trolley and away we went, she pushing her trolley and me meandering behind.

Perhaps I haven't set the scene well enough. I also had Sarah (5yrs) with me, dressed in ugg boots, black and pink mini-dress, all topped with a fairy tutu, a tiara and plastic handcuffs. Cutting edge fashion.

So somewhere between aisle 3 and 4 I found myself pushing a trolley. I took it past the frozen goods section, had a wander through dairy and found myself face to face with my friend. WHO WAS ALSO PUSHING A TROLLEY !!!

We chatted a bit about the grapes and slowly... E..V..E..R.. so slowly it dawned on me that if she had the trolley, I should not be holding on to handlebars.
At this point it all went down hill (I do realise we were only on a slight rise to begin with) as I snorted with giggles and said "OMG I think I've stolen someones trolley". I swear, friend and I were standing there trying not to pee our pants, when the nicest backpackers two rows over started to look a little... well.....puzzled ...!

In between snorts of laughter and very red cheeks I called out "Is this your trolley". I think they thought I was a bit do-lally as they watched me remove my yogurt from their trolley and stand doubled over with giggles, and beetroot red cheeks behind my now catatonic friend.

Such a funny and giggly time has definitely put a bit off a spring in my step, after all, if I can make a total idiot of myself in the supermarket, anything else thrown my way is just FLOSS.

Be warned people. If you are in the supermarket guard your trolley with your life, you never know if I'm loose in the building



  1. Classic!! At least you were polite enough to return it! Love the plastic handcuffs….great accessorising!!

  2. I have to giggle too - I can so see me doing that!! Glad it gave you a laugh... but I have to ask - handcuffs? What's with that?

  3. You're brave facing Aldi for a start. I have such a love/hate relationship with that place. Love the cheap food, find the shopping experience completely stressful. If you can find something to give you a laugh while there, then I say go for it, even if it does mean stealing someone else's trolley! (Just think, you could have made $2 back at the trolley bay!) Rachel x


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