Friday, April 20, 2012

Teenagers- Not So Much

This morning was an ugly morning.

I fought with Mr 18, forcing him to get up and go to school.

Miss 16 is the grey man who likes to fly below the radar, so she got up and got ready. Except that she is very quietly defiant and stubborn.

Miss 7 was argumentative and difficult, took 45 minutes to eat one bowl of cereal and was a pain in the a*se.

Miss 14, precious love of my life was so ANGRY and STUBBORN and PISSED OFF.

So, today I had a day off, I scrubbed my kitchen ( this is like therapy for me), & had a yummy lunch out with my Mum and this afternoon I was all set to write a blog post full of teen parenting angst.

I was going to write about my broody boy, all just-turned-adult-manliness, except he's standing in the kitchen singing to the kitten.

"Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Little Ball of Fur.

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,

Purr purr purr."

I was going to write about my gorgeous but dreamily removed-from-reality 16 yr old, but she is in her room drawing amazing treats like this...

I was going to write about my 14 yr old who makes me crazy on a daily basis, who challenges me, but who also makes me laugh like a lunatic because she is JUST LIKE ME , but she is busy transferring sweet, non-swearing-but-okay-to-dance-to songs to her little sister's IPod and being lovely.

I was going to write about how tired I am, how over "it" I am, how sick of parenting and dealing with kids I am, but actually, today, I am in BLISS.

In BLISS, that's a special place to be. My kids are not perfect and they make me crazy but they are mine and I am always in awe and amazement at their wonderfulness. I am blessed in every way by these people, they are growing quickly, they are collecting baggage, they are strong willed, stubborn and opinionated,

just like I raised them to be.

much love to everyone tonight, xxx



  1. I have moments like yours with my little ones, and no doubt the same scenes will be repeated when they are older. I have a couple of strong-willed, opinionated ones as well! Enjoy your blissfulness :)

  2. I am so happy to hear that someone deals with this the same as me - never knowing from one minute to the next if I have the loving, happy-go-lucky child or the miserable, moody girl in the house !!!!

    Enjoy the pleasant times while they are happening !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  3. Oh Lisa thankyou for making me feel Im not a bad mother for not always enjoying parenting my 18 yr old daughter.There are so many times that she makes me so sad and I think I have done absolutely everything wrong and then like you, I turn around and see her being so indcredibly kind to someone or doing something for me.Like you with yours I have raised her to be strong and have an opinion and be heard.So I really should not complain.I never wanted her to be a walk over.
    So again thankyou for making me see we need to stop,breath and see through the moods and realise we havent done such a bad job after all.xx

  4. What a great way to end a day on a high note.


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