Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday - My best friend

My very first Flash Back Friday!

I found this pic today. Sigh! When I was in 4th Grade my family moved towns, across 600km to a new world and I found myself in a new school, with a brand new set of people who totally didn't get me.

(don't judge the hair.. the Lady Di look was very 'in' back then)

 I remember my first months (years) being awkward, abrasive and defensive. I was a ridiculously bright little 10 yr old with way too much confidence in her abilities and not enough street-smarts to know when to hide it.
In all my awkwardness, as well as my ten-yr-old-ness, I did not recognise the gift that arrived in my life that week. because this little girl...

...became my safe place. My person. You know, the one person who I could run to no matter what I had done, no matter how crazy my world got. The person who has been and will be my friend in every sense of that word until she or I give our last. We have been friends since we were 10. 
Thirty years have passed. 

In that time we have both traversed the puberty deserts.

We have called each other at our moments of frustration and joy, we have had long months where we don't have much contact other than quick text messages. 

She still calls my parents "Mum and Dad".  I love her parents to bits.

We have dreamt about, puzzled over, despaired over and accepted the male species.

We have each stood slightly to the left at the alter, holding the flowers as our best friend said "I do" to their chosen one. Both of us also pulled the groom aside and threatened death if he didn't treat our friend right.

We have dreamt of our babies, planned our families, welcomed tiny people and said goodbye to angels who could not stay.

We have raged against, then accepted, and finally embraced our own parents for all the love and guidance they have given us.

She is my run-to friend. She is my safety net. Just knowing she is there is comforting.  I am so grateful that I was placed in Mr C's fourth grade class and that she raised her hand to offer to take care of the new girl.

Flashback Friday - a beautiful way to centre myself today and acknowledge the blessings in my life.


  1. I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful post. Loved it. Destined to be the best of friends. Hope she gets to read this - she will love it! Thank you so much for linking up. I've had a great day - the whole reaction to the link up vis posts, comments, social media and stats has been amazing. I have to read what you were saying about the link again after I write this as it made absolutely no sense!

  2. A very beautiful post and makes me miss my BFF from when I was 12 years old. I wish we lived closer. Thanks for sharing, Emily x

  3. I think that's fantastic. Old friends are gold. What a beautiful thing for her to read too.

  4. Gorgeous! Sadly, I've lost touch with my very first best friend. But FB has been a great way to reconnect with other old friends.

  5. What a great post. I still have friends from school so many years on - they are like gold to me.

  6. oh that is lovely to have staid friends too.. i envy you, I left too many good friends behind with multiple moves abroad.. well, actually, i guess i miss 3 or 4 in particular.


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