Friday, January 11, 2013

Mind Bump prompt

sometimes I have a bloggy wander through the cyber space looking for blog prompts and today wandered into that which is Mind Bump, a cute little website which describes its namesake thus :
» mindbump «

1. a remedy for blogger's block that also serves as a blog promotional tool;
2. the opposite of a "brain-fart"
so I'm taking a little quiz, then I'm gonna pass it on :

“What's the best piece of advice you have received?” 

Trust your inner voice. Trust your instincts, your sixth sense. Trust that you know what is right for you and your children.
Also Do NOT eat the yellow snow.

 “As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? If that dream died at some point, explain why.” 

As a child I wanted to be a school teacher. Then I grew up and realised that I actually only like my own kids. If I did not give birth to a child, I have a very low tolerance threshold.  

 “Seconds are always ticking and flying away, time being wasted. What would you do if you could slow down time?” 

Can I go back in time? Can I un-say mean and silly things blurted out in the heat of a temper tantrum? No ? If could slow time down I would take time to really look at my kids and see the young adults who are almost here. I would kiss the still baby soft cheeks of my 8 yr old and never let her grow up. I would also scoff all the Twisties that I hid in the back of the cupboard.

 “What has your favourite website taught you?” 

My favourite website.. well that would be Simple Loving Thoughts! 
This bloggy space has taught me that I can write. That my opinion is valid and valued. It has also taught me that not everyone will agree with me, and that's okay. It has taught me the joy of reflection, looking back at the early years. And it has taught me that sharing my own stories, however humble, is important because somewhere on this planet another mother is struggling, is facing the same issues and is hoping for a voice that says," I've been there"

"Who are you when no-ones looking - describe yourself on a day when the shades are drawn and no-one is coming to visit"

I am listening to Country music, probably still wearing my pajamas. I don't wear makeup on my social days so if its a non-social day you'll be lucky if I've brushed my hair. I'm eating buttery vegemite toast and drinking instant coffee. I may be talking "mummy wuves you" gibberish to my puppydogs" You can't prove anything

 “What is your most unusual Thanksgiving/Holiday tradition?”

The marshmallow tree. There is a weird little bakelite tree that slots together that I remember from every childhood Christmas. It was my Grandmothers and has gone to live with my big Sis. It has branches which were carefully covered in marshmallows on Christmas morning...Ohh and canned asparagus spears in a little dish.... I guess you had to be there.....

 “Do you have a favorite fairytale? Who is your favorite character and why?” 

Favourite fairytale.. hmm well I do quite like the idea of a gingerbread house decorated with candy. But I don't love the whole child abandonment storyline of Hansel and Gretel. My favourite Fairytale is the Twelve Dancing Princesses and I would have been happy to be any one of them. I love to dance and I love a new pair of shoes every day.

 “What is the one thing you are most proud of in your life. ” 

Impossible to narrow down to just one thing. My kids obviously. And I make a kick-arse Chinese stirfry. I'm proud I earned my nursing registration.....
But also I am proud of who I am becoming. As I gain confidence in my ability and right to choose the path my life takes, I am liking myself more. And as I let go of the many, many fears that have held me back, I am discovering that actually, I'm an okay person.

So I'm passing it on, take the same questions and answer them... who are you?


  1. I am getting a marshmallow tree, even if I have to make it, and I will display it all year round. That is the most fantastic thing I have read all day!

  2. The perfect post for me to have read today! Thanks again for your support!


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