Sunday, January 6, 2013

Go Me

When depression has its nasty tentacles wrapped around me, one thing I find to be immensely helpful is running. It is mindless and purposeful. It can't be involved as part of a multi-tasking activity and no-one actually expects me to hold a conversation while I'm doing it.
I will happily admit it has been SEVERAL months since I hit the treadmill, but lately I have been craving some me time.
I went back to the gym yesterday. A really quick trip. I managed to run for 20 minutes before I felt like my lungs were going to make a break for daylight. My old running shoes have finally given up all pretense of shock absorption and the asthma puffer needed replacing.
I went to Sportspower for a new pair of runners.
The salesman (also store owner and fellow parent from our school) nodded dubiously as I explained I needed Runners for Running.
"Not just walking around the block."

"No really, I run." - well as I just started it would be more correct to say I ran, but you are splitting hairs now.

"I know this arse doesn't look streamlined.. thats why I'm starting" Is there a law against wanting nice running shoes before you are able to comfortably cover 10 miles uphill on a 40 degree day?
"20 mins is my max right now." It's also my minimum based on my one and only run.

"No I wouldn't rather grab some K-mart specials" because my feet cried today and I need to feel like I am doing something positive for myself, not like I am punishing myself with every step.

After 20 minutes of me explaining and him nodding (and probably thinking.. lady, you are off your trolley!) I came home with a new pair of very nice running shoes.

they have shock absorbers in the heel, are cutting edge Nike running shoe technology and are a very pretty purple.
Today I ran 25 minutes.
Tomorrow I plan to run 30.
I think we can all agree it was money well spent.
Go Me!


  1. Well he sounds like the worse salesman ever! Love your shoes. I also like to have nice 'equipment' when I exercise - you want to feel as good as you can. And running is HARD, of course you need great shoes! Good luck with it Lisa :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I do want to just let you know what happened with my Nike running shoes - mainly because they were the cause of my knee injury (according to the osteo, the chiropodist and the lady at FootLocker) - apparently they did not have enough support which resulted in my knee injury and $400 orthotics. It is mostly good now but just be careful when you are running - maybe on a treadmill it will be better than the road where there is more un-evenness (this word looks wrong but am sure you get what I am trying to say).
    Can't wait to hear how you go - I totally get how running helps you sort things out because you can't do much else except run and breathe !!
    Have the best day !

  3. Well done on the running. I hope the new shoes feel great.


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