Tuesday, January 1, 2013


it ticks by
whether we acknowledge it or not...
whether we celebrate it or not...
whether we sleep it away or stare obsessively at the moving hand...
whether we want it to speed up or wish we could freeze it forever...
whether the need to move forward is greater than the need to hold on to what was...
whether we wish for a fresh start or we wish for a few moments longer with the present...

I spent my New Years Eve in bed getting ready for another nursing shift.

Today on the ward a lovely lady passed away.
Just down the hall a brand new baby met her parents after such a long wait.
A gorgeous young man was told to put his life in order and make his final plans.
A determined man of 92 walked again for the first time in 3 months.
A tired woman was reunited with a daughter she hasn't seen in 8 years.
Today a 5 yr old held his beautiful grandpoppy's hand and whispered goodbye.

Today I was humbled, overwhelmed, in fits of laughter and reduced to tears.
For some reason today it was more acute.

I haven't got my new years resolution down to a cute sentence.
I think this year will be a year of absorbing and embracing, learning and growing and appreciating everything that I have .
I hope that I have an open and willing heart, the energy, and the grace to accept the lessons that come my way.

Wishing everyone a blessed 2013 xxx


  1. Everyone should read this. You write about life...the essence of who & what we are. Loved your words. Love your attitude to your vocation. I would always want someone as caring as you looking after my dad, my hub or me. Love Denyse xx


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