Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Things You Do For Love

June 2010 - A Button Bliss File :

Today started out quite normal - I got the kids up, coffee in hand and started the morning drill - "Eat your breakfast, clean your teeth, brush your hair, find your homework, did you clean your teeth?? Go and clean your teeth...."
Miss A  went to make sure her two mousies were happy, with food and water.  
She came back bawling her eyes out. "They're dead!" She was so upset and sad, decided she must have fed them something bad. You know that feeling as a Mum when your heart just breaks seeing your child so distressed. 
We sat and cuddled and I promised to bury them somewhere safe, and that we would find a nice little plant to put on top (always fraught with danger given my lack of gardening prowess). I asked her to bring their little cage out to me. 
There I sat as the kids got ready, with Miss A hiccupping and trying to un-puff her eyes. The little pink cage was on my lap in front of me with two little furry bodies, with wood chips scattered on them. I thought it just wasn't right to leave them like that til we buried them so I reached in to brush the woodchips away. As I moved them , a little tail kind of ....wiggled. Not much but a movement. I poked gently at the other mouse and the tail moved slightly. I swear I wasn't even breathing !
I picked them up and their little feet wriggled. They were soooooo cold. She had left them in the laundry overnight on cold tiles, and it was below zero here last night.
I didn't want Miss A to get her hopes up. I got the wheat heat pack and warmed it up. I sat cupping my hands over them, lying on the heat pack, and little noses stared twitching.
I called Miss A and we sat watching her lovely little mousies come back to life. As they warmed up eyes popped open and whiskers wiggled. It was so exciting and happy, and crazy.

Miss A has gone off to school grinning from ear to ear. Mousies are now safely wrapped in a woollen sock in their cage in a warm spot. They've eaten and walked around, I never thought I'd be so happy to see them running about. So now you may all call me "the mouse whisperer".

Hope you are all happy and WARM where ever you are, I'm off to check on those precious little mousies again before I head off to study for a test.
Love to all furry and non-furry friends,

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