Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Outraged.

This morning a radio and tv personality admitted that she has been smoking while pregnant.
The social media storm that has ensued has, predictably, been an expression of outrage, horror, judgment and with occasional mentions of support. Much has been made of whether she can be viewed as healthy role model, whether she deserves this child, how could she......!

A few weeks ago a tv personality made some ill-thought out and frankly stupid comments about breastfeeding in public and the backlash via social media was fast and fierce. The stern talking to that I'm sure he got from his TV stations legal team would pale in comparison with the absolute flogging that his character got on twitter, facebook and blogs. There have been rallies, "nurse-in's", calls for him to be sacked......

During the great breastfeeding debate (yes this debate, not one of the millions of other debates that have taken place since the first time someone made a bottle and shoved a teat on the end of it as an alternative), I commented on twitter that although I didn't think he was correct, I was not 'outraged.'
In response I was promptly unfollowed by 10 people, called complacent, lazy, a woman-hater, an enabler,  as well as called a very rude name starting with C by one charming Mummy.

The fact is, we are so pummelled with things to be outraged by, it's really hard to know where to place your energy. It's so easy to jump on every bandwagon rolling by and start screaming but it is also exhausting to be so filled with anger all the time.

Yep, I'm all for breastfeeding if that's what you want to do, and you should be able to do it sitting on top of the flagpole at Parliament House if that is what floats your boat. But I am not outraged by this mans comments. He is a middle aged bloke sitting on a couch, well past his prime and his wife probably served his balls up for dinner when he got home that night. 
I don't think you should smoke during pregnancy given the information we have available. But I'm not outraged by this mornings admission. I'm sure every time this little baby coughs, wheezes or looks even slightly out of breath this Mummy will have a massive guilt trip.

I AM outraged that business criminals, tax evaders and common law breakers are given harsher jail sentences than child sex offenders. That pisses me off! I am outraged that an uncle who has systematically abused 3 toddlers over a two year period gets a nine month sentence because he's young and has a chance to reform. I'd rather live next door to a reforming tax evader thanks very much Australian justice system!!!!

I AM outraged at the widespread cruelty to animals within our meat and egg industry. I am horrified at the constant pictures and stories that come into my news feed. They can't be unseen and they break my heart. It is sickening what we as humans can turn a blind eye to in order to get a cheap piece of meat.

I AM outraged that the Australian government gives itself a happy pat on the back and a pay rise each year and yet still has not addressed the chronic shortage of respite and long-term care for the thousands of people at home caring for their disabled loved ones. I am outraged they can justify even one trip out of the nation, with personal stylists, swanky dinners, top notch accommodation and transport when so many people are living below the poverty line in our country. When so many carers are told there are no funds to help you. That really pisses me off. 

So no, I'm not really outraged by a woman who has made a poor choice but is at least remorseful, Nor am I outraged by a middle aged man with uneducated and old fashioned views on breastfeeding. 
I'll save my outrage for those things that make my heart cry out for justice.  It's okay if my things aren't your things. It's okay if you aren't outraged by my stuff. 
But don't call me names.


  1. Hey Lisa, I can't say I was outraged by today's headline either. Firstly, I didn't read the story so don't know all the facts and secondly, I've always liked that radio personality. In all honesty, my first thought was gosh, smoking must be a terrible addiction and I wondered if I could have resisted the urge to smoke whilst pregnant if I was in fact a smoker (which I'm not).

    I cannot believe you got unfollowed and called a host of rude names for admitting to not bring outraged. I'm outraged that people would behave in that manner towards you! I didn't get involved in the 'debate' - I didn't breast feed my 3 boys (my choice) - so I imagine I would get eaten alive for that...

  2. LOL yep i think i hear he wolves at your door even now. When did we become such a mean spirited, unkind and unforgiving society?

  3. Oh dear Fancy unfollowing you over that...mmm Hate to say it...I did not see the show that morning but I believe he didn't say women shouldn't breastfeed in public he just said they should be discreet...and have to say I would agree with him...all past generations have managed was never a flop it out for all to see anywhere like some seem to do these days.
    Likewise the whole smoking thing...who are we to judge...let those with no guilt throw the first stone!!
    It a bit like the radio pair absolutely crucified over the prank Prince William and Catherine call....they could never have foreseen the results, everyone including Prince Charles thought it quite funny and harmless until the nurse died...then the whole world turned on them....
    Think I might now be outraged at the outraged!!! LOL


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