Friday, February 8, 2013

My Great Shame :Flashback Friday

It's Flash Back Friday.. Linking up with Cathy from Camera Chronicles -

You know I love you guys and I believe in being as honest as possible about my past struggles and failures.
It's time to finally confess to you my great shame.
Some of you will be confused, some very dissappointed in me.

Some may chose to unfollow me. That is okay.
I have to say that I only did it because my peers were. I followed the crowd. 
I thought it was cool. 
But it wasn't.

I am so sorry to have to tell you...
My first concert was Wa Wa Nee.

From their stone washed denim jeans, stone washed denim jackets and stone washed bleached blonde mullet  hair to their incredible dance moves ( featuring an inordinate amount of high finger clicking) this band was huge for a nano-second as I hit my teenage stride.

The event, held at a local Italian club was packed with screaming 16 yr olds all bouncing up and down in  rhythm like a bunch of Masai warriors.
I'm pretty sure I wore something stone washed and denimy ... Mainly because my Kylie Monogue inspired three tier bubble skirt made my arse look like... well, a giant bubble as it would happen!

The support act was Diesel, back when he was called Johnny Diesel and had a full head of hair, I wished I'd taken more notice because as it turns out .. he was the one with talent.

Flashback Friday - you know the words - sing along ... 


  1. lol Lisa!! I'm ashamed to say I owned that Stimulation single - on vinyl no less!!!! But I believe it was a gift...think I may have just gone along with the liking business because it was cool for a nanosecond as you say. Oh, and I loved Johnny Diesel too! Thanks for linking up again xx

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add - my first concert was Bros (I think)! Far, far more shameful...

  2. Oh boy, now your post is really digging up past memories LOL I recently got to see Diesel live and yes you are right, as much as I to loved Wa Wa Nee, he was the one with the talent.

    Oh and by the way ladies, my first concert was Bros to ! :)


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