Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who stole my steering wheel?

A Button Bliss File :

Up bright and early today we were, with a busy day ahead.
The older kids had walked to school and I was dropping Miss 5 off, mentally checking through all that I needed to fit into the next few hours.. buttons to be posted, a book to be collected, photocopying and pattern covers to be ordered and a study date with a nursey friend.

 Our school has a 'drive-through' drop off point at the very front of the school. It fits 3 or 4 cars at the most and at 8.45 it is prime real estate. Building works around the school means there is virtually no parking and every mother is in a queue heading for the coveted drop off.I pull up, at the very front of the Drop Off, a colourful line of 15 or so cars waiting behind. I got out and helped Miss 5 with her back pack and book bag, the "Corncob starts with C" item for the sharing table, kissed her gorgeous little face and let her walk inside. I got back in the car and .....

SOMEONE had stolen the steering wheel ! Little giggles threatened as I realised I had got into the backseat of the car and shut the door. Large giggles of hysteria started when I found that I had, as a conscientious mother, flicked the child locks on the rear doors, and was now STUCK in the back seat.

I own a very small car, which is normally perfect for me, but not an ideal size for me to squeeze my ample backside through between the front seats. LOL There was me, in peak school drop off, butt in the air, nose squished against the windscreen as I tried to get my legs to clamber through, avoiding the gear stick and trying to not break off the rear view mirror. Halfway across, puffing and panting and wondering how I find myself in these situations, giggles turned into snorts as I imagined the view all the Mums behind were getting. 

Finally seated in front of my steering wheel, I started the car and gracefully pulled out of the Drop zone - and tried to find some composure for the rest of the morning.

On Monday I think we will walk!


  1. Never drink coffee at the computer! I nearly drowned! Funny! I once opened the passenger side door of the wrong car with a stranger in the driver's seat! So I'm glad to hear someone else does stuff too. Keeps us humble. You made my day! Linda

    1. LOL That is totally something I would do too. Hope your computer dries out ok xx

  2. I laughed as loudly second time around!!!! Luv u! xxx


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