Sunday, March 3, 2013


It's been a rough week. A rough few weeks actually, or months.

I have felt myself sinking lower and lower, my energy reserves and my ability to laugh just drifted away. The numbness invaded me and it lays like a heavy blanket holding me down.
I recognise this feeling and it leads to a very sad place.

So this week I went to the Doctor. A new doctor because in my little town you need to make an appointment three months in advance to see your own GP.
I think the fact that I started bawling before he closed the door gave away my fragile state of mind.

The short story is, I have got some help, and yes, some medication. I have made some plans and can see I need to be a little kinder to myself.

I've tried to be honest with you about my past struggles and see no reason to be less than open right now. Be patient with me.  The posts are not springing from my fingertips right now but I am here, and there is clear hope on the horizon.

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  1. As always, putting yourself on the line, you brave daughter of mine!!! Love you heaps always!

  2. Dear Lisa, I can hear the relief (almost?) in this post. Gentle loving thoughts sent your way today. You're so ace xxxxxxx :D


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