Monday, March 11, 2013

Going barefoot

Aspie boy has a tight-knit group of loyal friends who simply accept him for who he is, quirks and all. He went to the pub with his mates on Friday night.  

As he is an adult, I have been relegated to the back row, worrying from afar that he will be safe but by 4am I was wide awake and starting to get agitated..... I had told him to ring me when he was ready to come home, and so far, no call.

Finally, thankfully, I heard him shuffling up the driveway, heard the gate rattle as he climbed over it, and listened as he tried to unlock the back door (several attempts were needed before success).
I sighed, rolled over and went to sleep, happy now my boy was home.

In the late morning he emerged from his room.
"I don't have any shoes"
"Well you must have, you walked home"
He chuckles .."No, I walked home in socks. But I have more money than when I went out. 
I'm pretty sure I sold my shoes at the pub."

I'm not sure who got taken advantage of - Aspie boy who was left without shoes, or the poor shmuck who paid $20 for a 2 year old pair of Kmart sneakers.

Aspie boy is happy. Barefoot, but happy.


  1. How great! With that gift of salesmanship, perhaps he should start taking a spare outfit when he goes out.


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