Monday, March 4, 2013


Imagine .... you are sitting in your dining room on a sunny Autumn morning, eating breakfast, you can see the road from here. 

The gardens, pretty flowers, little birds on the telegraph wires, and a deranged woman in her pink pajamas chasing a small but determined fluffy brown puppy down the street.

That would be me.

Yes there I was this morning, boobs a-bouncing, no shoes, and my classiest pair of K-mart PJ's chasing the naughtiest cavoodle in Australia.

He thought it was hilarious.
Me...not so much.

I managed to nab him on the main road, casually ignoring the cars taking kids to school, grown-ups going to work, the builders working on the site across the road.
I tried to act as though it was perfectly natural, if not entirely fashionable to be out about town in my nightwear. Yes this bed-hair is the very latest in hair fashion!  Bra's?? Pisshh , so un-necessary.
I hauled the mangy mutt  precious puppy home, him so sure that we had just had the most wonderful bonding moment.

In the house, things got quiet.

"That was fun ! Wasn't that fun ???? "

"Oh dear, she looks a bit cross. And Manic. And a little unhinged. I'll pretend I can't see her"

"You know what? I'm just going to put myself in the naughty corner, to save you the trouble. I'll just lie here and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

My boobs may never recover.


  1. What an adorable face....and that look is just precious.
    Love his way of taking you for a morning run :)x

  2. Lol I'm not an animal/pet person but I found that story totally adorable and endearing (and very funny as well)! Great post x

  3. LOLOL!
    For this to make a post, you must've run your little heart out!
    Too funny!

  4. Hey Lisa! Oh dear! I almost hurt myself laughing ... not really AT you, but rather WITH you cos I've found myself in the middle of a similar neighbourhood catch-the-rotten-doggy marathon, with slight variations. I was dressed for work ... longish skirt and slip on sandals with small heel ... and I was chasing TWO escapees ... one terrier of mixed parentage and one border collie who is old enough to know better. Small one escaped and took off like a rabbit at the greyhoud races ... large one decided he was missing out on a great game. 20 frustrating minutes, two blisters and quite a lot of swearing at the husband who owns the dogs later ... both back in the yard, slinking off to inspect food bowls. GRRRR!! They were informed our next pet will be a GOLDFISH!!! Just as well we can see the funny side, right?! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS


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