Monday, August 13, 2012

And then they grow.......

My big boy went on his first Army cadet camp this weekend. (its actually called a bivowack bivawac bivowac Bivawac but clearly I can't spell that word so we are going to call it a camp).
He is a (very) late starter in Army cadets, but all he wants to do is join the Army and the Army don't see his potential yet, they see a young teenage boy with Aspergers who needs some life experience.
So he has joined the Cadets and plans to use the 20 months he can legally be in them as a spring board for the full time Regular Army,
( in answer to your questions -
                                                  *yes he still has Aspergers, it doesn't go away when they become adults                                        *yes I'm terrified about the Army but have you ever tried to steer an Asperger person away from their chosen topic of interest? Impossible
                                                 *Yes we could have let him apply for the Army and not mentioned Aspergers.. in hindsight that may have been a better plan, but we believe in being honest and proud of ALL he is, not just the "socially acceptable" bits )

So he went on camp on Friday evening, so handsome in all his army gear ........... squeeee...

Do you remember when your kid was a newborn and they gave you their very first real smile. Do you remember the ache of love that came with that moment, when you felt like your heart was squeezing itself inside out. Those feelings come thick and fast in the first few years as that tiny blob of newborn becomes a little person, toddling and talking and hugging and blowing kisses. The first few years are exciting with so much change and so many new experiences.

I know as my kids have got older I thought that most of those "heartsqueeze" moments were over.
And yet here I am again, looking at this ADULT who is so cute and ready for whatever happens and I can't believe he's mine.

He had a great time at camp, came home exhausted but happy, ready for the next one in a couple of weeks.

That's my boy



  1. Oh Lisa isnt it wonderful when we see our beautiful babies turning into young adults but still ever so hard to let them go out into the big wide world.
    I love how proud a mama you are.Debyl1xx

    1. I am still very firmly in denial about letting him go into the big, wide world xxx The young adult emerging is SOOO exciting as it is everything you have planned for, over 18 yrs & suddenly.. it's here, it worked, they're ok, you survived... loving this new stage , thanx Deb xx

  2. I was an army cadet! Any questions, ask away. I can help from an insiders perspective but I can say he will have a lot of fun and make friends for life, and some very deep connections.

    1. thanks! At 18 he only has 20 months before he must leave but I'm sure he will take all the opportunities he can.

    2. Oh yes I keep forgetting the upped the age restrictions a couple of years after I left. You were only allowed to stay until you turned 18 when I was in.

  3. Boy Child has just joined Army Cadets. I wasn't sure they would accept an Aspie. I'm relieved that he won't go on the week long bivouac until next year. I'm not sure I'd cope while he still doesn't eat much variety.

    I hope the Bivouac goes well.

    1. Firstly.. 50 points for being able to spell Bivouac !
      My boy is going for the week long one & can't wait.
      As for the food, he has grown up alot but even I'm shocked that he ate a can of vegetable soup for dinner over the weekend.. because that's what was in his ration pack. I would have bet you $2000 he would have rather go hungry but he ate it and got on with it.. you may be surprised at what Boy Child is willing to try at camp..

  4. I sometimes get a flash of the man my 8 year old will be, but there's yours right there! He does look handsome. All the girls love a man in uniform! :)


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