Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My Name is Teddy and I love to garden.

 A Lot!

My mummy planted a beautiful vine yesterday. She found one with long tendrils to wind around the trunk of a tree. She was so happy. I knew then that gardening was fun!

This morning, very early, I thought I would have a little go at gardening.
I looked at mummy's vine, newly planted in the ground

I pulled a little bit, just to adjust the leaves.
Bits shook.
I like that!

I pulled really hard and poooffffr out it came.
I was so proud!

I think I should show Mummy... I will drag it down the backyard.

For some reason Mummy was not happy with me. Maybe it was because I tried to drag the root ball
through the doggy-door.

Mummy says I'm not allowed to garden anymore.


  1. Oh Teddy - you are so sweet! Ironically, I garden much the same way, but maybe without the dog door bit... ;)

  2. he is very sweet Renee, but still a naughty little furry boy!

  3. He is the cutest dog!! Although I'm sure you're not thinking that at the moment. . . although, who could stay angry at a face like that for too long?


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