Sunday, August 19, 2012


I went out last night with some friends to a trivia night.
Man, some of those players take Trivia VERY seriously. (As In -> lining up your lucky troll toys along the table and using your lucky pencil <- kinda serious).
These are the kind of people who "whoop whoop" and high five each other with the announcement of every correct answer. These people can and do challenge the judge if they disagree with an answer. 
We were placed on a table with some of the above.
They were less than impressed with our enthusiasm at the appearance of the drinks waiter.
They did not appreciate our relaxed attitude towards the questions.

They really didn't appreciate our lack of sport knowledge.

They were quite horrified by our inability to name 20 songs by the opening bars.

Worst, worst, worst of all was our excitement at coming last and winning free cheesburgers and a sundae from McDonalds ..."Guys it's a free cheeseburger. Free! Cheeseburger! F.R.E.E"

I doubt we will be saved a spot on that table at next year's Trivia night.
That's OK, we'll be at the bar.

Are you a Trivia Night Guru... are you holding up the bar or kissing your Troll Toy between each round?


  1. Congratulations on the prize - and the wackiest photos I've seen in ages! xxx

  2. Funny, clever, cute, charming...she must be an Aussie.

    Lemme check.

    Oh, yeah...lovely.

    So nice to meet you, and why are so many of my favorite bloggers Aussie??

  3. I love trivia nights, and I take my trivia seriously, but I also have fun. Eg, I don't like it when the host walks around tipping you off to the answers, but I am also not bothered by losing. And a free cheeseburger is not losing!


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