Wednesday, August 1, 2012

put simply

School assignment aspergers style

He is doing an unit on the current WorkSafe ads. He has chosen the ad with the young girl in the bakery.

The questions are simple.

Who is this ad aimed at?
His answer - "idiots with no common sense"
I re-read the question and tell him the teacher wants reference to gender and age group.
He re-writes his answer- " 18yrs  female idiots with no common sense"

Will this ad have an impact on your work practices?
His answer - "no because I'm not an idiot,  also I don't have a job in a bakery" 

How does this ad get your attention?
His answer- "screaming, blood and the thought of fingers in your bread"

Do you think television advertising is an effective way of reaching the target audience?
His answer - "yes because practically no-one listens to radio these days and you can't show blood on radio, plus if you go into a bakery to buy bread and heard that ad playing in the shop, you probably wouldn't want your bread anymore".

I explain that the teacher is expecting a bit more. He tells me that this is how he operates. Straight to the point. And what's the point in making up sentences to say the same thing three times in a paragraph.
I try to explain that the point would be the teachers have asked for at least 1 paragraph on each point.
He tells me he will place a space between them and 'voila' it's a paragraph albeit a short one.

I am tired.
He knows this.
He says "Don't worry mum, the teachers know how I work. If they want to know more they'll ask me" .


  1. Lol.

    I am lucky mine never shuts up. The teachers know they have to set word limits or else it will end up 13 pages long.

    Too much is as bad as too little.

  2. Please send this to his teacher!!! It is so to the point and makes perfect sense to me! LOL!!!!!

    1. Lol it's soooo hard to argue with logic . He says " it's called a bread slicer for a reason mum ..."

  3. hahaha - hilarious - he's spot on with that stupid advert (too much blood turns people off the message). My aspie son hates homework - always having dramas with it!

    1. thnx gabrielle, yes homework and my son are not an easy or fun combination. I am soooo happy that we are finally at Yr 12, with only a few months of schooling to go. He and I can do without the extra angst!

  4. I saw a presentation by teachers who'd worked with Yr12s who were called (in affectionate terms!) "the jocks" because they excelled at sport but not so much on the essay/assignment side of school. Yet this head teacher blew me away with her understanding and her ways of bringing out more from the boys.i really admire your son's I think that the HS my grandson will go to in 2013 will need to be aware of the "aspie" = "literal" explanation for life! Good for you too, Mum!!

  5. Sorry this took me so long to get to, I read it the other day and forgot to con back to comment! School work can b so very ridiculous! Your boy sounds as though he knows what he's about! Do th teachers mark him more orally?


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