Monday, August 5, 2013

I Must Confess ... Recipe Reviewers make me crazy

I love reading recipes and recipe reviews.
I must confess sometimes I have a hard time not replying to people who post reviews saying they changed 7 out of the 12 ingredients, the cooking method and that it tasted bad.

Lets make Lemon chicken with jasmine rice.

I don't have any chicken so I'll use this leg of lamb instead.

Hmm I might substitute the lemon with tomato sauce.

Ginger is so expensive so I just used some old nutmeg.

I'm trying to cut out sugar so I left it out completely.

I didn't want too many dishes so I popped it in the microwave and just nuked it for 5 minutes.

My kids don't like jasmine rice, I served mine with mashed potato.

Here's a picture of my finished Lemon Chicken .....

And guess what?

In my review I'll write:
"It didn't taste anything like Lemon Chicken. Crap Recipe. One Star. Sad Face."

No Sh*t Sherlock!!!

People are stupid. Sometimes I have to work really hard at not telling them that.


  1. I can't stop laughing!!!!!! LOL xx SaysChe

  2. Really ???????????? People do that ???????????????
    I used to look at Allrecipes quite often before I lost my mojo for cooking but I would no more say it didn't taste anything like what it should have if I had changed even 1 or 2 ingredients.
    I honestly don't believe how people can be so stupid. We should have a means test for stupid people and if you fall into that category you should be shot (OK that's probably a bit extreme but how is the world going to continue to move forward if people like that continue to populate ????????)
    I don't think I would have a hard time replying to any of the comments - want me to let them know what I think of their comments ? And their lack of brains ????? More than happy to.
    Have the best day !
    PS - I hope anyone reading this other than Lisa will take it in the spirit in which it is written !!!

    1. Oopsie - that sounds like you won't take it in the spirit I meant it - but I think you get my sense of humour and so will understand where I am coming from - I hope so anyway !!!!! Otherwise I probably just lost a follower on twitter !!! LOL

  3. Hahaha! This is great Lisa! I concur with your description of these folks as being stupid!
    I have read reviews just like these so often it just about kills me not to add a reply to them & give them a verbal bitch slap!!

    1. It's pretty clear from my previous posts that I am not without my own cooking fails.. but I can admit that is due to my own short comings, not because I changed the recipe completely. B-slapping indeed!

  4. ROFL! That post sooo funny and sooo true! I use Taste all the time and I always check out the reviews. Some of them leaving me wondering how the writers found their way out of the birth canal!

    1. Hahhaaa so true. I read one today where the reviewer didn't have baking powder, used bi-carb and complained that her muffins tasted weird and didn't rise properly. Yeah That would because you omitted the important rising agent! Idiots

  5. Haha! I must confess to be a little like that myself though I'd never change 7 of the ingredients! I like to be flexible but only to a point. LOL I'm becoming a follower here because you are funny gal. So refreshing! x

  6. Ha ha, I never read recipe reviews, but maybe I should start as that is too funny. That's why I always give up on cooking from a recipe as I seem to never have the right ingredients. Even somebody who's completely useless in the kitchen, like me, knows I can't make things up as I go along.

    Hilarious post. xo

  7. You know what Lisa I think some people need to be told they're stupid, but in different terminology - thanks for the smile :) Em

  8. haha this is hilarious. I admit that I usually change recipes when I cook them, but would I then comment on said recipe and say it didn't work because I changed the whole thing? No, because I have a brain.

  9. Exactly why I can't read recipe blogs - I get enough stupid in my life already. Not to mention the small issue of my complete non-interest and incompetence in cooking! Thanks for sharing, it did bring a small to my face tonight Lisa!

  10. Love this post! I'm a 'follow the recipe or it tastes like crap' kinda gal. I have no idea how to substitute and like you, it can be a royal disaster. So...back to the recipe list and I follow it from top to bottom. At least it'll hopefully taste good, right?

  11. This is too funny! My hubby cooks like this and wonders why it always goes wrong.


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